Blame it on AI | Who or What is an ML Forensic or Ethics Investigator?

20 Aug

Blame it on AI

When AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) hit the market and became all-encompassing, there was widespread interest from the consumer and business markets. Everyone wanted to get their hands on the latest AI and ML tech and for good reason. Unfortunately, that excitement and trust in the technology has quelled greatly as data breaches […]

Future Trends & Themes Emerging from the RSA Conference 2019

13 Aug

Cybersecurity themes

Cybersecurity experts flocked to the RSA Conference 2019,  hosted in Singapore from 16th to 18th of July. Several resources have described this years’ conference as “a success with thought-provoking and useful topics”, and the attendees all seem to agree. Strong Themes at RSA Conference 2019 At past cybersecurity conferences, it seems that participants mainly focused […]

Has Your Website Been Hacked? Here’s what to Do

6 Aug

Has your website been hacked?

If you own a website, you might be worried about getting hacked. When a website is hacked, it’s normal to feel a sense of panic. Unfortunately, the worst has happened, and you have lost your website, your data and probably the very link between yourself and your customers. The best piece of advice to give […]

The Challenges of Mobile Device Management in a BYOD Culture

30 Jul

own devices

Office spaces are out, and Cloud business spaces are in! With so many businesses turning to cloud computing and remote-based services, there’s been a definite demand for high-quality mobile devices. And when a company has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture, there’s a need for strategic mobile device management. Why Businesses Need Mobile Device […]

2019 Data backup and storage trends

23 Jul

data backup and storage

Many businesses that overlook their data backup and storage strategy (and processes) often learn the hard way. And the “hard way” is when they lose highly sensitive data and a lot of money at the same time. How you backup your data and where/how you store it are essential elements to running a successful business. […]

5 Data Privacy Tips From Experts

18 Jul

Data privacy tips

Data privacy is not just a hot industry phrase at the moment. It’s been an important topic for many years because when it’s overlooked, it can end up costing a business a lot of money. Protecting sensitive company data can be a challenge for both small and large companies, but it’s not impossible. VM Blog […]

Cloud Migration – Is it what your business needs?

9 Jul

cloud migration

Have you been concerned that your business is lagging behind because it hasn’t migrated to the Cloud yet? Well, you might have made an excellent decision for yourself in the long run. Being slow to adopt Cloud business systems might have saved you a lot of money and frustration after all. When Cloud computing first […]

Poor Password Behaviour & Choices Continue to Thwart Security

2 Jul

poor password behaviour

Be honest… how many passwords do you have? The reality is that most people have one password that they use on every device, as well as for all of their online accounts. This isn’t just a risk for your personal information…it’s also causing a massive headache for IT security professionals. For years we have heard […]

Cyber Crimes Bill – Is SA Really a Safe Haven for Cyber Criminals?

27 Jun

Cyber Crimes Bill

Cyber Crime has been of concern in South Africa for quite some time. In fact, for far too long, the country seemed to simply ignore it. There was no real recourse. In May 2019, at the IT Web Security Summit held in Johannesburg, it was noted that South Africa had become a safe haven for […]

Facial Recognition Technology – When does surveillance become an intrusion?

25 Jun

facial recognition technology

For a while, facial recognition technology seemed to provide a convenience to our lives. We arrive home to our smart security system and unlock it with ‘a look’. We pick up our smartphones and access all our features with ‘another look’. We gain access to companies, malls and secure environments with merely “a look”, yet […]