SA State Security Minister to Address Cyber Security

20 Jun

In the wake of the recent cyber attack that hit over 100 countries including South Africa, all eyes were on David Mahlobo, SA State Security Minister, as he addressed the situation. In his statement he noted that his department had been made aware of a global attack that affected South Africa’s FedEx offices. The details […]

Card Fraud is Rife in SA, but SA Has One of the Best Card Fraud Regulations

13 Jun

Unfortunately card fraud in South Africa is a reality. Fortunately though, it’s not overly feared as both merchants and consumers are aware that card transactions are protected by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which is set in place specifically to prevent fraud. Card regulations in SA make fraud difficult, from the […]

Could Sound Waves Really Pose a Cyber-Security Risk?

6 Jun

It seems that risks are coming from all sides and angles with our connected devices and several experts believe that it’s about to get even worse. According to Bill Buchanan (head of the Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University), side channel attacks are also going to give us something to worry about. So what’s a […]

Safeguarding Your Data from Ransomware In the Cloud

30 May

2016 seemed to be the year of ransomware and you would think that by now businesses would have it under control and be able to safeguard themselves, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. It may come as a surprise, but ransomware is not really new, it’s probably just never been this bad. […]

Mastercard’s Biometric Card Trials in South Africa

23 May

Card security has always been something of concern in South Africa. Stolen cards, identity theft, cloned cards…this is just the start to the type of fraud that millions of South Africans have fallen victim to over the years. It’s also why MasterCard’s new biometric card trials in SA have been received with such anticipation. The […]

SA – One of The World’s Top 10 Most Targeted Countries for Travel Cyber-Crime!

16 May

Paying for travel online is commonplace these days, but there’s still some fear around online payments in South Africa, and for good reason. SA is actually one of the world’s most targeted countries for travel cyber-crime. In most instances it’s because establishments are unaware of, or uneducated in how to protect their systems and their […]

How Latest Technology is Being Used for Good – Saving the Rhino

9 May

It’s no secret that the Rhino has suffered at the hands of hard, unfeeling criminals for their horns and never more so than in the last year or two! As a result, Rhino numbers are decreasing rapidly and there’s a serious risk of extinction in the near future if nothing major is done. While the […]

An Interesting Car Pooling App for Cape Town is Launched

2 May

If you were impressed when Uber rolled out onto our South African roads to make getting from A to B simpler and more affordable, then the new car pooling app aimed at Cape Town commuters will be music to your ears! uGoMyWay is a new SA startup app designed to put drivers and passengers in […]

A Woman’s Touch in the IT World

25 Apr

Let’s face it; there are few women currently claiming the spotlight in the technology industry, but that’s all changing. With a wealth of programs and training opportunities now more available than ever before, it’s becoming obvious that young girls are being provided with every opportunity to break barriers in the tech world…and they have massive […]

SA businesses alarmingly affected by Cybercrime

18 Apr

Cybercrime is something that has been on the radar of IT security experts for quite some time now. This type of crime presents itself in a variety of ways and can be carried out for various reasons, which include monetary gain, pushing an alternative viewpoint or even causing disruption to competitor businesses. It can even […]