Coronavirus helps cyber-criminals spread their own viruses

18 Feb

To illustrate just how opportunistic cyber-criminals have become and how much integrity they lack, let’s take a look at the latest trend of using fears of contracting the Coronavirus to spread digital viruses. If you just read that and thought “what?” don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It’s rather astounding that criminals would stoop even that […]

Labour Department employee arrested for inside-job cyber-attack

11 Feb

inside job cyber-attack

Let’s talk about inside-job cyber-attacks. How much of what we hear is just a rumour, or is it time to consider inside-job cyber attacks to be a real threat to business? Last month, we featured a blog on how some cybersecurity threats end up being an inside job. As if to illustrate our point, the […]

Protecting Your Data – Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage, or Cloud Sync?

4 Feb

protecing your data in 2020

We all know that we need to protect our data from breaches and hacking attacks, but are we fully aware of the options and what do they even mean? There are so many ‘cloud’ buzzwords attached to data protection, from storage to sync to backup, that you’d be forgiven for not knowing the difference. Types […]

New Devices for a New Year? How to Keep Them Safe from Hackers!

28 Jan

new devices

New Year – new devices With the trend for giving mobile phones, tablets, iPads and other connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices as Christmas presents, many people are starting the year with new gadgets. Others invested in a whole range of new devices just to start the New Year on a fresh note. Regardless of […]

Beware the Cybersecurity Threat of an Inside Job

21 Jan

Insider threat

Cybersecurity experts are often left scratching their heads after a breach or attack on their systems. Sometimes, it just seems as if the hacker knew too much about the sensitive operations of the business…and the reality is that they probably did. The ‘hacker’ could be the very person sharing an office space with you, or […]

Top Trending Tech from CES 2020

14 Jan

wearable technology

The 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) took place in Las Vegas from the 7th to the 10th of January 2020. With over 17 000 people visiting the show, spanning across exhibitors, media, and industry attendees, it was easy to overlook the highlights. There was just so much to take in! To summarise the top trending […]

Opportunities abound with 4IR in SA but the skills just aren’t there.

6 Jan

4IR, opportunities abound, no skills – so what? Well for one, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this could be a bizarre paradoxical movie plot, but sadly it’s not. What it is, is an opportunity for South Africa to remain competitive in the global economy if we learn to embrace 4IR. The term 4IR refers […]

Changing the way we work remotely in the Cloud

23 Dec

Remote Cloud working is not new to the business world, but it is taking a while to reach “lift-off” in South Africa. Cloud computing comes with a plethora of perks and advantages attached, so why are South African businesses lagging behind? Recent probes uncovered several reasons why Cloud computing plays a role in the business […]

Black Friday Report Back

17 Dec

Black Friday scams

In the lead up to Black Friday in South Africa, shoppers who had been saving all year prepared to barge into their favourite stores and yank all their favourite products off the shelves before anyone else could. In addition to that, a whopping 43% of the South African population indicated that they planned to take […]

Open this window and you’ll be letting Ransomware in

12 Dec

protect yourself from ransomware attacks

As if it could be possible, you should know that cybercriminals have become even smarter and sneakier in their approach…and you could be their next victim. If you’re the type of person that takes heed when Windows asks to be updated (and you go ahead with the update) there is a strong possibility that you […]