Identity theft? Your personal information is like gold – it needs to be well secured

22 Apr

Don't get caught out by identity theft

Gold is a lot of things, but it’s not the most valuable thing you can own. What could be more valuable than gold, you ask – palladium perhaps? True, but the most valuable thing to you, after your family, is your personal information, that’s what! When criminals start mining your data they are not hunting […]

App junkie? All you need to know before installing a new app!

15 Apr

App junkie

The well-known phrase “there’s an app for that” has only become popular because it is so true and because we are a world of ‘app junkies’! There seems to be an app for absolutely everything, and while the majority of apps do exactly what they claim to do, and so pose no real threat to […]

Embracing AI in e-commerce – Solution or revolution?

8 Apr

embracing artificial intelligence

For some, AI (artificial intelligence) is exciting, but for others it’s downright scary. What people fear most about AI is that machines and programs can take over previously “human” tasks and the more they interact with humans, the more they learn and seemingly smarter they get. For those who understand AI, using it for e-commerce […]

Facebook accuses 2 Ukrainians of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

1 Apr

Facebook fraud

Two Ukrainian quiz makers using malware plugins to steal user data via Facebook and insert advertising into newsfeeds have recently been sued by Facebook! Gleb Sluchevsky and Andrey Gorbachov, the two accused, have apparently been running their hacking setup for more than just a few years. In fact, between 2017 and 2018, they successfully targeted […]

Beware when synching your phone in a car – particularly a rental car!

25 Mar

synching your phone

Imagine finding out that your house has been burgled and that the burglar used your alarm pin code. Imagine learning that your sensitive credit card details have been intercepted by a third party and used for fraudulent online purchases, or even worse – the personal information of your family. These are just a few ways […]

Can South Africa become a cashless, cardless community?

18 Mar

cashless and cardless

South Africa (and the rest of the world) has a considerable plastic problem. Straws have been outlawed, plastic bags are no longer free, and we’re all encouraged to re-use and recycle. Yes, the plastic problem is being addressed, but there is one that’s being overlooked. The use of plastic cards in the form of credit […]

MTN releases warning about “Missed Call Scam”

11 Mar

Missed call scams

Have you been receiving strange missed calls from international numbers recently? You could be the victim of the latest missed call scam to hit South Africa. In response this most recent scam, MTN was quick to release public warnings urging cell phone users to be cautious when receiving calls from unknown international numbers. On the […]

Digital banking fraud is on the rise! What’s the solution?

4 Mar

Mobile digital banking

Absa has recently warned the public that digital banking fraud is on the rise – and they are right! To come up with a viable solution to the problem, we need to fully understand how the fraud is being committed. Simply put, social engineering is to blame. Social engineering and data security “Social engineering” in […]

Microsoft lets South Africa down with cloud storage

25 Feb

support local cloud storage

On May 2017, Microsoft made some pretty big promises to the South African market, and as you might have guessed, they have failed to deliver! The Microsoft promise (the one they broke!) Microsoft promised that two Azure cloud data centres would be launched in South Africa at Cape Town and Johannesburg locations in 2018. The […]

2019 Cybersecurity threats and opportunities

18 Feb

2019 cybersecurity threats

2019 is no longer a retype or an afterthought. It’s happening and with the new year comes a variety of new Cybersecurity threats and opportunities. Our lives and lifestyles seem to become more digitised each year. You can do almost anything online, and you can control almost anything from your smartphone. Life has changed, and […]