Cybersecurity and Cybercrime – knowing the difference!

14 Nov

We have often focused on ways in which to bolster cybersecurity to ensure that you don’t become a victim of identity theft or data breach (in a corporate environment). Sadly, not enough attention is given to cybercrime which usually affects individuals and families by preying on their emotions. What sets cybersecurity and cybercrime apart? In […]

5 Weird & Wonderful Advancing Technologies? You decide

7 Nov

Technology has been a bit of a mixed bag for us mere humans. In some instances, it has created a convenience by saving us time and money while in other instances, it has been used to wreak havoc and cause distress.

How AI Can Help Your Business

31 Oct

The concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence) might sound intimidating to some and that’s mostly due to the concept of being misunderstood. Recently, Facebook shut down one of their AI projects because the bots had begun communicating with each other, in their own language! The imagination runs wild when considering just what might be communicated between […]

Dr Diagnosis Could Be A Thing Of The Past With AI

24 Oct

Gone are the days where technology was simply transforming the way we communicate. Now, with advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications, machines are able to diagnose certain health conditions just as effectively as a human can! What makes medical AI systems able to do this is a process called “deep learning”. An advanced branch of computer […]

ATM PIN Alerts – Fact or Fiction?

18 Oct

Typing Your PIN Backwards When Held Up At An ATM Will Alert The Police We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is most certainly fiction. If you think, or have heard, that by typing your PIN code backwards if you are held up at an ATM help will be on its […]

Can South Africans bank on biometrics?

9 Oct

In an article earlier this year we looked at Mastercard’s trial run of the biometric card in South Africa and this particular topic is one that is close to our hearts. The new Mastercard requires the consumer to use their fingerprint as a digital form of identification in order to authorise a purchase on their […]

Why South African’s Love to Hate Online Banking Apps

2 Oct

There’s always an element of risk involved when making use of any online services and applications. It is this risk that’s holding South African’s back from truly capitalising on the benefits of digital advancements, particularly in the banking and finance industry. No one can really be blamed for the hesitance to make use of online […]

When Will Ransomware Give us a Break?

25 Sep

Ransomware certainly isn’t new to us. It seems to be continuously wreaking havoc on the devices of private individuals and companies, and online users are learning the perils of irresponsible online behaviour. With so much attention given to Ransomware in recent months, one would think that it would be under control by now, but the […]

Will my browsing history affect my computer security?

18 Sep

A question that IT security experts are often asked is the one about deleting browsing history on a computer. What people want to know, is if the browsing history on a computer can actually affect its security. The answer to this question is two-part. On the one hand, deleting your browsing history cannot protect you […]

Are Emails Your Weak Link?

11 Sep

Email is easily the best used online tool in organisations today. Quite literally, trillions of emails are sent on an annual basis and yet it still remains the weakest link in many company’s online security systems. Industry professionals, such as Dr Aleksandar Valjarevic (head of professional services at LAWtrust) believe that email will always be […]