Will my browsing history affect my computer security?

18 Sep

A question that IT security experts are often asked is the one about deleting browsing history on a computer. What people want to know, is if the browsing history on a computer can actually affect its security. The answer to this question is two-part. On the one hand, deleting your browsing history cannot protect you […]

Are Emails Your Weak Link?

11 Sep

Email is easily the best used online tool in organisations today. Quite literally, trillions of emails are sent on an annual basis and yet it still remains the weakest link in many company’s online security systems. Industry professionals, such as Dr Aleksandar Valjarevic (head of professional services at LAWtrust) believe that email will always be […]

It’s a new era of retail in South Africa thanks to these latest tech advancements

7 Sep

While the South African retail market has embraced technological advancements with open arms, industry experts say that there are more to be expected in the foreseeable future. The type of innovations anticipated are some that many of us could only once imagine and that means exciting times ahead for retail in SA. Take Menlyn Park, […]

Which Tech Trends Are SA Companies Most Focused On Right Now?

29 Aug

SA companies are currently developing and working with some of the world’s latest tech trends, but what are they? In a recent survey held by Dimension Data, large companies with 1 000 employees or more were asked to answer questions pertaining to the technologies most used by the business. The feedback was interesting to say […]

SA Citizens Should Be Careful Of Fake Government Websites

22 Aug

Online fraudsters in South Africa have been at it again! On the 27th of July 2017, the ZA Central Registry issued a warning regarding fake SA government websites and email addresses. These fake sites are being set up and used to try and trick the public into divulging personal and sensitive information. The aim of this […]

An Ethical Hacker – Made in SA

15 Aug

Most of us attach a negative connotation to the concept of hacking, but is it all really bad? It doesn’t have to be. One particular professional hacker right here in SA, Rudi Dicks, is proof that hacking can be used for good. In fact, he uses it for good every single day! When hacking is […]

10 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Backup and Online Backup in South Africa

8 Aug

Cloud backup – also known as online backup in South Africa, is essential for your business and we would like to share with you just why it is such an important transition for any organisation! Below is our pick of the top 10 reasons: Increased cyber crime means that no connected device is really safe. […]

6 Reasons to Use an Online Backup Service in South Africa

1 Aug

Just about every document, memory and personal details that we have is in digital format these days. If you have your important data stored to your devices, it is vital that you regularly backup the information. A few years ago it would have been perfectly acceptable to regularly back your data up to removable hard […]

Is There a Timeline For AI Takeover and Will Robots Outperform Humans?

25 Jul

Mastercard’s new biometric bank card has the world wondering how much latest tech is going to change our lives. It might seem a bit “space age” to think about AI (artificial intelligence) taking over the world, but some Yale and Oxford University researchers seem to think that this could happen within the next 25 years. […]

Tech Experts Fear More Cyber Attacks will Hit SA

18 Jul

The Peyta ransom security attack that hit the Ukraine at the end of June took just one day to spread globally. In the light of this, and after considerable debate and research, security experts in the country have advised that this is just the beginning! Fortunately, South Africa wasn’t too badly affected, but this means […]