If a data breach can happen to NASA it can happen to you!

11 Feb

data breach - it happened to nasa

All eyes were on NASA when it was recently announced that it had suffered a data breach…2 months prior to the announcement! An internal memo within the company revealed that employee personal information had been leaked. And just like that; NASA became the latest major organisation to fall victim to cybercrime. Why did NASA wait […]

Is the heart of democracy really data security? You decide!

4 Feb

is data security at the heart of democracy?

When experts in the field of data security start saying things that imply military systems can be easily hacked, one starts to realise just how vulnerable we are to cyber criminals. Unfortunately, the opportunity for cyber criminals abounds as their skills seem to surpass the expertise and efforts of the world’s cybersecurity pros. It’s not […]

What’s the #1 Risk for Companies in South Africa?

28 Jan

Owning and operating a company in South Africa comes with its risks and challenges. While business interruption is a major risk for companies in SA, it turns out that cyber incidents are also a leading risk factor. Or so says the latest 2019 report from the Allianz Risk Barometer. In fact, according to the survey, […]

Simple Cybersecurity Measures that Work!

27 Nov

If you have been a victim of cybercrime, chances are that there was no serious plot to target you and your account specifically. By nature, cybercrime is an opportunistic business. This means that a hacker might come across your password or send out spans of emails and you’re the one who falls for it and…yes…clicks […]

Goodbye Windows 7, Hello Windows 10! Upgrading your windows

20 Nov

New and interesting surveys show that IT professionals aren’t entirely ready for Windows 10 and the risks that migration poses for users. In fact, the excitement of Windows 10’s arrival has overshadowed the potential risks! You may have heard that Windows 7 is at end-of-life and in just 15 months, it will be obsolete. The […]

The Cost of Falling Behind in IT Upkeep – We Learn from SARS’ Mistakes!

13 Nov

Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane, head of SARS IT, has certainly made headlines recently, but it’s not for running a ship-shape department. In a recent SABC interview described as “disastrous” by the media, Mmamathe, provided incoherent responses to questions pertaining to the collapse of the SARS IT infrastructure. Chances are good that you have seen the video that […]

Infamous hacker in SA shuts down government website – Again!

6 Nov

Ever heard of @VirusSec on Twitter? If you haven’t, the account is owned by a notorious hacker who has once again targeted a government website to deliver a message. What was the message? According to News24 who had direct contact from the hacker, the underlying point of the hack was to say that “the current […]

Emerging Technology Geared Towards Better Cybersecurity

4 Nov

There’s no denying it. Cybercriminals and cybersecurity experts are at war! And it’s a war that’s been going on for a long time. The problem for experts in the cybersecurity field is that it seems as if the criminals are winning the war. Just as soon as data encryption tools and other security measures are […]

How Big is the Human Error Element when it comes to Cyber Risk – Time to do a FAIR?

30 Oct

According to a recent report released by Verizon, 17% of data breaches originated from social engineering, mostly emails. The report uncovers that 17% of the breaches are a result of human error, such as employees sending sensitive emails to the incorrect recipients. This report is making industry professionals wonder just how big the human element […]

Responsibilities and ethics of the Internet of Things in the modern world

23 Oct

The Internet of Things (IoT) keeps things connected, but with seemingly endless reports of devices being hacked or used for spying on users, the state of responsible IoT has come into question in recent years. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at just what the situation is in terms of the […]