2016 Tech Predictions

26 Jan

It comes as no surprise that 2016 will be dominated by smarter cars, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, while wearables, robots and drones are anticipated to further change the way we live; in other words – these are today’s predictions of tomorrow’s technology!

At Soteria Cloud, while we focus our attention on safe and secure online backup, we also love to stay on top of the latest tech trends – we found the following predictions, all of which are set to be presented at CES this year, of particular interest:

  • Virtual and augmented reality is set to stand out in 2016. With the Oculus Rift Headset already available on pre-order in SA, and due to be released in March, virtual reality looks likely to prove itself in the gaming world. It is predicted that augmented reality will soon be making itself indispensable in the workplace as well.
  • Self charging mobile phones – eagerly awaited by almost every mobile user on the planet! With new technology, it is said that mobile phones could be charged through wavelengths. A Japanese telecom company called KDDI Corp is releasing a product called Cota which will be able to recharge cell phones within range, much as Wi-Fi connects a phone to the network. Hopefully the days of flat mobile phone batteries are soon to be behind us!
  • Solar panel phone screens are sure to change the way we use our mobile technology.  Researchers are working on developing transparent solar screens that can be used to invisibly collect solar power on mobile device screens as well as computer screens and windows!
  • Motion sensor computers – an interesting prediction, and Apple has actually been the first to patent technology that will allow users to command their computers with mere gestures.  While the technology certainly isn’t new, readily available consumer products have been but a dream – we hope to see great things with this, this year. Similar technology has been seen in some Wi-Fi routers.
  • Live translation tools are set to break language barriers and make communication simple. You can see this type of technology in action with Google’s “Translate” app and Skype’s recently released live translation too. Japan is currently working on a megaphone that will be able to translate – this is set to be used at the 2020 Olympics!
  • Converting carbon dioxide to fuel. A variety of companies are currently developing technology that can convert carbon dioxide into type of diesel fuel. The most impressive part of this is that the new fuel type won’t produce emissions! Now that’s an astounding technological advancement.
  • Smart Cars. We aren’t just talking about economical vehicles with connectivity features. We are talking about fully automated, self driving cars and gradual automation in everyday cars such as the Audi Q7 SUV which will brake for you and let you know you are in the wrong lane! CES will be devoting over 200,000 sq. feet of space to automotive technology alone this year.
  • Data collecting wearables.  Already a popular technology, such as in the case of the Apple Watch, more market players are expected to enter the market with their own wearables. While these devices will soon be able to connect to the Internet directly without the need for a third party device, embedded wearables like Chaotic Moon’s biometric tattoo will undoubtedly draw much interest at CES.
  • Sun protection in a pill – over recent years scientists have been studying a substance (readily found in fish and coral) that can protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. A pill is being developed that when consumed will provide human’s with the same skin protection thus reducing the occurrence of skin cancer and burning.
  • Artificial Intelligence looks set to take mobility to new heights. With the technology behind personal assistants such as Siri and Cortana already well entrenched and constantly improving, our lifestyles will gradually start to include robots such as the social Buddy Robot designed to interact with family members, and even home cleaners. AMY is also AI that acts as a PA. She schedules meetings and liaises with both parties.
  • Smarter drones, more commercially available, will come complete with convenient tracking technology and greater accuracy due to improved sensors. Aviation rules and legislation (FAA) has up until this point governed how drones can be used in the commercial market, but these rules and legislation are set to be finalised in the coming year. A popular drone concept is that of Amazon’s – they plan to use drone for their deliveries.

These are the top tech picks and predictions for 2016 which we anticipate following with interest to see if and when they might become available to you and me! Let us know what you think of these tech predictions and share any of your own with us!

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