4 Big Tech Giants Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook – The Common Thread

18 Aug

Aside from dominating the market that they are synonymous with, what do Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google have in common, and it’s not what you think (IT!)? They are all currently under antitrust scrutiny for a variety of reasons. Something that cannot be overlooked is that while the antitrust concerns have cropped up within each company for different reasons, these big players all have things in common which includes how each abuses their control over tech to strengthen their own power. By recognising these similarities and acting on them (eliminating them at least), it is believed that future regulatory reform is possible.

The good news is that the law isn’t going to let these big tech sector names get away with transgressing regulations. While Congress can’t actually break up Big Tech, it can craft legislation to regulate it. It’s taken some time to shed light on the situation, but finally, something is being done about it.

Since June 2020, CEOs of these companies including Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon), have had to answer a few uncomfortable questions as sweeping antitrust investigations have been underway within the tech sector. All four firms have come under scrutiny and fire.

Red-flag Behaviour Patterns of the Top 4 Tech Companies

While under investigation, it was discovered that Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google have each been found to exhibit the same questionable behaviour in terms of the following:

  • Control of distribution
  • Close competitor surveillance
  • Abuse of power in terms of tech control

What Gave Them Away?

There have been a series of complaints surrounding the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google for dominating the market with abuse of power to crush smaller competitors.  These complaints have cast a spotlight on each of the companies.

Recently the four CEOs appeared before Congress in the same Webex room, where documents were presented against them. The documents included emails, Facebook messages, and various other conversations where the four had colluded to crush smaller competitors and get a stronger foothold in the lives and minds of the consumer (as in you and me).

For example, various social media conversations which uncover Zuckerberg’s interest in buying smaller booming tech companies like Instagram as a way of neutralising the competition.

Antitrust issues are not a new concept. In fact, it was Silicon Valley Antitrust lawyer, Gary Reback, who convinced the US Department of Justice to bring an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft way back in the 1990s. Hopefully, antitrust issues will continue to be brought to light, to protect the tech sector as well as the consumer.

Now that the antitrust issues have been drawn to light, all eyes will be firmly on the lawmakers to see what will be done next!

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