5 Simple But Secure Password Tips to Remember

26 Dec

With hacking and malware viruses on the rise each year, your password security could not be more important. Without adequate password security you are putting your personal information at great risk, where it can be used in identity theft, the emptying of bank accounts and more!

Strong passwords used for business accounts are equally important. The last thing you need is to be held liable for the exposure of customer information or important business details.

Traditionally we have been told the best types of passwords are ones that include plenty of letters, numbers and symbols. We are also encouraged to have different passwords for each and every account. But who has the time for that – and more importantly, who can remember all that too?

Here are a few simple steps to creating robust password security without baffling your brain!

1. Basic Password Rules Apply

When creating a strong password, the fundamentals still apply:

  • don’t choose an obvious name or date
  • avoid using short, easily guessable words
  • always incorporate a variety of letters and numbers
  • try not to use the same password, for every account, rather interchange between two or three password variations.

2. Incorporate Random Words

When creating a strong, yet memorable password, you should start by picking three random words which are easy to remember and are associated with your life in some way e.g.: ‘my dog is black’.

Then, choose a date which is easy to recall. Put the words together and split the date up into two, placing one half on each end of the word: 20mydogisblack17.

To make it even more powerful, try capitalising each word and add a special character at the end, e.g.: 20MyDogIsBlack17!

3. Split up Your Numbers

If you’re more of a numbers person when it comes to crafting the ultimate password, it may be wise to split up your numbers in order to remember them better.

On average most people can only remember up to 7 digits at a time, so splitting up a long number with special characters or added zeros can help e.g.: 9712!0022!

4. Keep Things Simple with a Password Manager

If you have the challenge of using and remembering more than one password day in and day out, a password manager is your friend!This software can be installed on your PC in a matter of minutes, and keeps all your passwords safely encrypted at all times. The password manager then supplies them automatically to your web browser as and when you need.

There’s just one catch – and that is having to remember just one password in order to access your password manager!

5. Consider Two-Factor Authentication

This is a process where a second password is required when logging into a specific website. Two-factor authentication is generally a popular form of additional security used for banking profiles or similar.

The second password is sent to your cell phone, and will be different with each and every login. The only person who will then be able to access this account is the one that receives this secondary password, making access double secure.

Keep your personal and business information safe with these simple, yet effective password tricks! With the recent rise in cybercrime it’s important to keep your data protected and backed up. Find out what a good data package features and protect the integrity of your business and personal information.

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