Digital technology spurs on online business, the age of convenience

29 May

New digital technology can go two ways, either it can take off like a virus thanks to good propagation, development and planning, or it can become redundant due to over-estimation or sloppy development.

Good digital technology is realised for what it is and it will, and does – change the way we do things and how we interact with the world around us. Think about Steve Jobs and his vision to have the world using iPhones…now, that dream is just about realised and it was certainly no fluke! It took time, attention and meticulous development and planning.

Integrated technology

Digital technology has transformed the world around us, so much so that modern day is referred to as the “age of convenience”. This, as fully integrated technology begins to make almost every aspect of our lives more convenient. Digital technology is shaving off minutes from our everyday tasks and eliminating the frustrations that come with outdated systems and customer service strategies.

For the consumer, new technology is fantastic while for some industries it can be quite inconvenient all together. Think about what Uber has done to the taxi industry or what Netflix has done to the DVD hire market.

The thing about technology is that it is always changing which can be rather convenient for consumers but creates a volatile and somewhat aggressive market for tech developers. The tech industry is always vying for the next spot in the limelight and because there’s always something newer and better, that spot is often short lived. Ever so convenient for us, the consumer though!

Constantly changing technologies comes with high expectations

With new digital technologies making things simpler for consumers, it has almost become expected that everything can be handled online. Businesses still operating in the physical world are being left behind. They must adapt or die, so to speak.

In order to keep up with the age of convenience and still remain competitive, suppliers and service providers have to be relentlessly up to date with latest technologies and systems. Which is quite a high expectation to keep up with, and an unavoidable one.

Today’s businesses that have made the change to digital and virtual platforms place value on the convenience too. Those who are holding out and being die-hard physical business operators would benefit from changing with the times and joining the digital age of convenience.

It’s not just about doing things online

Running a virtual business is not what all it is about though. If you want to truly excel and compete in today’s age of convenience, you have to go mobile. If your online platforms and systems aren’t mobile friendly, chances are – you are going to lose out on a lot of business.

The mobile phone has given the laptop and desktop computers a run for their money, in fact, most people are using their mobile phones to complete all their online transactions. Without a mobile solution or strategy in place, you are being short sighted.

Software and technology companies need to make sure that they are constantly developing and improving on their solutions for mobile businesses. This in turn keeps the tech development market highly competitive.

Remember, in order to keep up with the digital times, you can’t just dabble with it. What’s oh-so-convenient now could be inconvenient and outdated tomorrow.

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