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12 Jul

AI powers conservation efforts worldwide

Saving our planet is the top priority this century and AI is increasingly being used to help organisations around the world achieve their sustainability goals.

From preserving endangered species to ensuring adequate food supply in the decades to come, technology is being used in new and creative ways in the interests of a green and prosperous future.

Here are some exciting projects using AI to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Conservation goes online

Scientists tasked with preserving biodiversity on earth often face the challenges of insufficient funding and too few people on the ground. But now a new initiative called Wild Me is empowering average citizens to do exceptional things when it comes to documenting wildlife.

  • Using a technology called Flatfile which applies AI and machine learning to upload and process data quickly, the platform allows people around the world to photograph wild animals and upload them to a central database.
  • Scientists then use this data to create and update a comprehensive list of species and estimate their population numbers.

Initiatives that maximise the impact of volunteers from the public could expand far beyond wildlife conservation in the future. Crime reporting, new creative communities, and citizen journalism are just some of the applications that Flatfile makes possible.

solving the food crisis with smart farming

The world’s population is set to expand by 2 billion over the coming decades, and securing enough food for our planet’s burgeoning population is becoming a very real challenge for farmers and governments around the world.

Minimising wastage and ensuring food quality are two areas where AI can be deployed extremely effectively. By using sensors to monitor soil quality, rainfall, invasive pests, and other factors that affect the growth of crops, technology is helping farmers to optimise yields and ensure a reliable food supply.

more AI means more data – and it needs to be kept safe

As artificial intelligence becomes widespread in virtually every area of life, the sheer amount of data produced on earth every day is staggering.

To avoid data leaks and breaches and keep sensitive information out of the hands of hackers, cybersecurity protocols including secure cloud storage have become non-negotiable.

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