Ai’s time is now – all the more reason not to be afraid of it

27 Feb

Artificial intelligence can best be described as magic…that’s how little people really know about it. Yet they fear it. The truth is that AI is not magic. It can’t be seen or touched, but it can be experienced. That’s what makes it the most interesting technological breakthrough in recent years.

You Probably Use AI Without Even Knowing It

Those who fear artificial intelligence are simply fearing the unknown. You probably make use of artificial intelligence everyday, but just don’t know it. Think for example about when your mobile phone or laptop automatically fixes your spelling mistakes…that, in it’s simplest form, is artificial intelligence.

Technology Of Yesterday & How Things Are Changing

Not so long ago, technology required that we adapt to it and then tell it what to do. AI has changed all of that. Technology is now designed to get to know what we want and adapt to our needs. Now that’s a turnaround!

In a world where instant gratification is so sought after, it makes sense that the techno minded would want to compute in a way that’s nothing like computing at all. The future of AI is such that we will be able to communicate with our devices much like a person and not have to type away or input commands at all. Now that’s the dream for many, but for some, it’s quite a scary concept.

When you consider that technology is being taught to “see”, “listen” and “understand”, there’s every reason to be fearful, right? Wrong! While AI might present a few pitfalls or risks, it’s the way forward and already playing a major role in the convenience of so many of our lives.

Communication is Key

Teaching AI to communicate has been the easy part for researchers and developers thus far. It’s getting a deeper understanding of potential risks, emotions and similar that’s proving hard. For instance, the technology needs to know when to take a step back and let humans take the lead. It must know when to let a human take the reigns, when not to interrupt or distract from a situation. That seems a tough task but the developers are certainly making progress.

It’s Not Magic, AI Is the Technology Of Tomorrow

Experts in the field believe that AI’s time is now and that with so much data in the world, it is cloud computing and AI that will help solve the world’s and humanity’s most pressing concerns.

With such adapting technology, the solutions to energy production, climate change, health and even transport can very well be provided. After all, it’s not magic that will help humans get to where they need to be…it’s AI and that’s the technology of tomorrow.

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