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Secure your mobile accounts with best authenticator apps

The days when you could just have one password and keep your data safe are long over. The recent surge in cybercrime means that mobile users need to have more than one type of authentication guarding their files and login details.

  • Two factor authentication (2FA), which relies on a password or Face ID along with code-based access, is an excellent security solution for anyone using a mobile device.
  • Authenticator apps can help protect enterprise or personal information alike, and that’s just as well because hackers are increasingly targeting individuals and not only businesses.

In this article we take a look at some of the best authenticator apps on the market for both android and Apple devices and give you some practical advice for choosing the one that best suits your needs.

The features of a good authenticator app

Before you download an app to protect your data, it’s important to know what features to look out for. You’ll want to choose an authentication app that has these qualities:

  • Reliable and well-known. Big names are generally better when it comes to security apps – especially since cybercriminals have been known to use obscure apps to carry about attacks.
  • Affordable. Fully functional and free authenticator apps are available, and they usually offer the features you need with no unnecessary add-one.
  • Up to date. As cybercriminals are constantly finding ways to bypass authentication, your app will need to be at the cutting edge in order to be effective.

Still not sure how to pick a 2FA app? We reviewed the best ones and narrowed down your choices to help you decide.

Three excellent authenticator apps for business and personal data protection

  1. Authy
    As one of the most popular authenticators on the market, Authy combines user friendliness and versatility for both business and personal data. The app syncs with your other devices and can still generate authentication tokens when your device is offline, making it ideal for business travel.
  2. Microsoft Authenticator 
    Businesses that use Office365 and other Microsoft products will find the Microsoft authenticator app to be extremely effective. Seamless integration with Microsoft’s broad array of products makes it ideal for enhancing the security of files you share across your organisation.
  3. Duo Mobile 
    When it comes to mobile users with Android devices, Duo Mobile provides fast multiple factor authentication with full support for productivity on the go. After registering and receiving an activation link you can use the app to doubly secure all your logins.

Take your data protection to the next level with secure cloud storage

Multi factor authentication is an essential part of any data security strategy – but your data itself needs to be protected too.

To further enhance the safety of your sensitive company files, you can rely on secure cloud storage with advanced encryption at a time when cyberattacks are still on the rise.

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