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Algorithms at work in the gig economy

22 Sep

algorithms at work

You might not know it, but most of our activities are managed and affected by algorithms at work. Both in our personal and business lives, we are exposed to daily management by computer programs. Which is quite a scary thought. Today, Algorithms find you the right place to stay on Airbnb, they locate a nearby […]

The Experian Experience data breach & New Protection Laws

10 Sep

Experian Experience data breach

The recent Experian expeirence data breach is no secret. The cat is out of the bag! Over a million South Africans were notified of the data breach which took place on July 2020. On the 19th of August 2020, SABRIC announced that Experian’s data breach put the personal data of 24 million South Africans and […]

Security First Then Business

3 Sep

security first then business

2020 was, without doubt, the year that businesses across the globe went ‘remote’. Call it the fall out of the Covid-19 crises or the fact that more business organisations are embracing the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) – one thing is for sure; more people are working from home. There are perks to this approach such […]

Garmin Goes Down in ransomware attack

27 Aug

garmin ransomware attack

Just a few weeks ago, the news hit disgruntled Garmin users that Garmin Connect was “down”.  The attack against wearable device maker, Garmin, which happened on the 23rd of July 2020, affected the company’s online services including website functionality, customer support services, client apps, and the company’s communication channels. Garmin has a product line that […]

4 Big Tech Giants Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook – The Common Thread

18 Aug

Aside from dominating the market that they are synonymous with, what do Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google have in common, and it’s not what you think (IT!)? They are all currently under antitrust scrutiny for a variety of reasons. Something that cannot be overlooked is that while the antitrust concerns have cropped up within each […]

A ‘Security Incident’ or hack attack? What the Twit, Twitter!

11 Aug

Twitter hack attack

Already facing a potential Federal Trade Commission fine of $250 million after admitting to improper usage of users’ personal information in 2019, Twitter is in privacy hell! Whether or not you are an avid Twitter user, you will probably have heard that the company also suffered a recent hack attack which they classified as a […]

FNB Goes Digitally Virtual with Credit Card

5 Aug

digitally virtrual QR Code

If you are interested in convenience, especially when it comes to finances, October is the month to look forward to. Apparently, that’s when FNB plans to launch its new (and much-awaited) virtual digital credit card. Sounds like quite a mouthful! In reality, the new credit card is designed to offer exceptional convenience, coupled with the […]

A look at the Protection of PI Act (PoPI Act)

28 Jul

regulation of PoPI Act

For a while, it looked as though South Africa would lag behind the rest of the world when it came to personal information protection laws, but suddenly, all of that has changed. The South African Constitution declares that everyone has the right to privacy, and South Africa is now taking the use and storage of […]

AI vs. a pandemic – giving credit where credit is due

21 Jul

AI Corona tracing app

The time has come to both acknowledge and offer up a round of applause to the technological advancements the world has made. Right now, we owe a big thank-you to technology for aiding frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19. If you think about the world, way back in 1918, when the Spanish Flu wiped […]

Pillow Talk – The Side-Channel Attack

14 Jul

side-channel attacks

It’s an accepted fact that no one would hand over their sensitive information and data to a stranger or criminal knowingly. But what if you’re doing just that each time you use your computer and are simply unaware of what information it’s spewing out, behind your back (or behind the scenes!)? Let’s talk about what […]