Best Christmas Gadget Gifts for your Techie Kids

19 Dec

While Christmas is the time of year for fun, merriment and a little overindulgence, you can still keep things relatively educational for kiddies who love a gadget or few!

Gadgets are a great form of educational entertainment for kids, however it’s important to remember that they could be exposing themselves to the internet. This, in turn, poses a few security risks. It’s important to perhaps have ‘the conversation’ with your children about the dangers of being on the internet and importance of using security measures when setting up online profiles for gadgety gifts. Depending on their age, you may have to set-up and reinforce security measures for them.

Here’s a list of some of 2017’s most popular Christmas gadget gifts for your techie kids.  It’s the best possible way to keep them entertained throughout the holiday.

1. Technology Will Save Us Gamer Kit

Coax your child away from the TV these holidays with the gift for kids that love to tinker and build. This unique gadget gift allows your child to clip, bolt and snap parts together to create their very own handheld GameBoy console. Additionally, basic games such as Snake and Flappy Bird are included, with the option for your techie offspring to code the game entirely on their own!

2. Bloxels Video Game Builder

This one will get your child’s creative juices flowing, away from any form of TV or electronic device! If your techie kid is a fan of video games, they might love the idea of building and designing their very own. Bloxels includes 320 different coloured blocks used to design game characters, locations and objects. Once the game has been designed, it can then be digitised to the app and played in-real time from a device.

3. Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

As if Lego was not ‘’cool’’ enough already for your children, enter the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox. This amazing Lego set includes Bluetooth blocks, encoded motors and buttons to build a fully functional creation, which can be controlled through a Tablet. Choose from five modular options, some of which include Franke the Cat, Guitar4000 and the Multi-Tooled Rover

4. Two-player Laser Tag

This is the ultimate gift for young siblings and yet another ingenious method of getting your child outdoors and away from their electronic devices. This set is equipped with two Laser Tag blasters and two vests, working up to 60 metres in distance apart for hours of outdoor fun this summer.


5. Learning Resources Zoomy Handheld Microscope

For budding science or biology fundis, the Zoomy Handheld Microscope is an amazing techie Christmas gift. The handheld option removes the fiddly-ness of a traditional microscope and works by connecting to a laptop. The scope is held over the chosen object of inspection which is then captured and enlarged on the laptop screen. With its 54x zoom capacity, this makes for hours of exploration for your kids these holidays.

Why not make your gifts both fun and educational this Christmas with these top techie gifts for kids? Buy these now and thank us later!

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