Best Cloud Practices – Cloud Backup Implementation

13 Feb

Maximising Efficiency: IT Tips for Cloud Backup Implementation

Cybercriminals continue to attack SA businesses relentlessly, and one of the best safety measures you can take against the current wave of ransomware attacks is a regular secure backup.

A backup is something that should happen automatically, and maybe for that reason we tend to forget how important they are. That is, until something goes wrong and essential files are lost or a working copy can’t be secured in the wake of a cyberattack.

Fortunately, secure cloud storage works seamlessly with backup best practices to keep your data safe and encrypted.

Here are some ways you can integrate your cloud storage with your backup planning for maximum efficiency and peace of mind.

Analysing backup reports to fill gaps with cloud storage

Whenever you receive a backup report, it’s not enough to simply glance over it and ensure that nothing is highlighted in red.

Taking a careful look at your total file population and the frequency of your backups will help you identify gaps in your security that secure cloud storage can easily fill.

Frequency of backups

If your business processes a small amount of data, a weekly backup may be sufficient to secure a copy of your most recent files.

On the other hand, a data intensive business will need to schedule daily or even more frequent backups so that crucial information is not lost in the event of a hardware failure or cyberattack.

Maximising backups while minimising storage space

Regularly compressing  backup files along with eliminating unneeded duplicate copies will help you to ensure that your files are secure in the cloud without using up your data storage package sooner than necessary.

It’s important to audit your backups in the cloud on a regular basis and ensure that duplicates are eliminated to free up space.

You’ll also want to compress duplicate copies of your backup files that are still needed. This could cut your backup cloud storage requirements by 20% or more.

Automate your backups and enjoy peace of mind

Automatic backups are a recipe for stress-free data management. As your files are saved automatically to the cloud, you and your IT team can focus on more important things as you target ambitious goals.

Soteria’s range of secure cloud storage solutions are ideal for keeping your backups safe and encrypted. Find the package that suits your business today and rest easy knowing that your data is protected against any eventuality.

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