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20 Feb

The Positive Impact of Cloud Backup on Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability has gone from a trendy buzz word to nonnegotiable business strategy as the effects of climate change start to mount.

With businesses finding new ways to work sustainably, the amount of data that every enterprise produces and stores must be reduced for the sake of the planet’s future.

Secure cloud storage has an important role to play in sustainability, because it allows organisations to free up storage space, and streamline the use of servers across the global IT industry. Here are some ways that cloud storage can contribute to efficiency and sustainability in any business.

Counting the climate cost of surplus data

The huge number of files that we all generate instantaneously can easily distract us from the fact that information is not only a virtual entity. Files also exist in physical space – be it on a storage medium or in the cloud.

Data requires electricity in order to be stored, and as our data requirements soar our energy bills are following suit.

  • Current estimates indicate that 1% of all electricity is used to process data. This figure is only likely to grow in the era of cryptocurrency trading and the widespread adoption of AI which uses a huge amount of data.
  • As we experience ongoing electricity supply problems related to Eskom, it’s easy to imagine how our global electricity supply would be constrained if unnecessary data continues to be produced and stored at the current rate.

Secure cloud storage is an effective way to free up extra storage and ensure that essential files are kept safe.  At Soteria we use energy efficient data centers, eliminating the need for our clients to invest in less energy efficient computers and small servers.

Traditional storage methods represent major climate risks

With billions of internet users around the world, businesses and private individuals in almost every country have become consumers of computers, electronics and storage devices.

This is placing huge pressure on natural resources and  is creating a pollution problem as recycling efforts fail to keep up with the mountain of hard drives, flash drives and other physical storage that are piling up in dumps around the world. To make matters worse , some of these discarded devices – like old routers – can pose a major security risk if they fall into the wrong hands.

Cloud storage can help to eliminate this wasteful and environmentally polluting practice by ensuring that fewer small storage devices need to be produced on an annual basis.

Localisation favours regions with sustainable energy

As businesses become more discerning about the electricity usage practices of their suppliers and choose partners who value sustainability, sustainable cloud backup services located in areas known for sustainable energy will enjoy the upper hand.

This should put some friendly pressure on data centres and other tech providers to invest in solar technology and other sustainable forms of energy generation at their facilities.

Final thoughts

Overall, secure cloud storage has the potential to support the push towards sustainability that has become so popular in the business world and is crucial for the planet’s future.

If you’d like to move away from traditional hardware and embrace a planet-friendly, economical, and safe backup storage solution, browse our range of packages for sustainable cloud businesses of all sizes today.

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