Beware of Fraudsters: A Warning from SA Home Affairs

8 Nov

Online fraudsters have been working hard to gain access to your information. Yes, yours, along with the data of millions of others, and this time they’ve been doing it under the disguise of the SA Home Affairs office.

According to The Department of Home Affairs, recent social media posts on behalf of the department requesting individuals to contact them regarding pending applications for IDs, visas and permits for cash, are a complete hoax and should be ignored. Unless communication is received through the official channels, it’s against the law and “doing business with faceless, unauthorized impostors or middlemen will leave you in tears, worse (off) than you were before…” said the department.

The department advises that under no circumstances will they use social media platforms to deal with applications and transactions. Home Affairs, along with all the various government departments, has verifiable and official channels of communication which are noted as the following:

  • Via the official website:
  • Personally, at any of the 408 offices located across the country
  • Through major banks such as ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank
  • Via VFS Global which is a visa facilitation centre.

It would seem that many of those awaiting permanent residency visas and other official permits have been driven by their lack of hope and despair to buy into these hoaxes, and to seek out the documents they require illegally.

Has anyone involved in the hoax been caught? Yes, in fact, one man pretending to be a minister of the Department of Home Affairs online in Stanger was recently arrested and charged.

All dealings with The Department of Home Affairs must be done through official channels. Those trying to do under-the-counter deals may very well be caught out by opportunistic fraudsters too! Beware – fraudsters want your details! Protect your personal information!

Have you ever been the victim of fraud through an official government department? Let us know!

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