Breakthrough technologies of 2016

25 Oct

At Soteria Cloud we feel a strong sense of responsibility to our customers in keeping them up to date with emerging technologies. We love to see something new making a difference to the way we communicate and enjoy our lives. 2016 has certainly enjoyed some phenomenal breakthrough technologies and below we have included a quick list of our top picks. Check them out:

Slack – the world’s fastest growing workplace software! This particular technology is changing the way people interact and work together in the office. In less than 3 years, the software gained 2 million users and it is believed that this and similar intra office messaging systems are bound to become the norm in the workplace. Such software offers instant messaging, chat rooms and various other ways to communicate and share information.

What makes it so popular? It works on a variety of mobile devices which means employees can get more done in less time, while on the move. It’s also designed to offer seamless convenience.

Air Power – energy / electricity from the air. We all know only too well that all of our devices need a battery or power cord to keep them going, but it might not be that way for much longer. Researchers at the University of Washington have found a way of transferring power wirelessly from nearby Wi-Fi devices, TV and radio signals! Imagine not having to plug your router in or being able to travel with your mobile Wi-Fi device knowing that it won’t run out of power.

Internet powered devices will be able to charge and communicate while in use by means of a principle called backscattering. This involves the device absorbing radio signals from around it, which it then converts to power so that its own systems can continue to run and construct a signal.

Speak Easy Interfaces – times are changing and while search engines are still the go-to for those visiting foreign countries, voice command search and communication services are picking up!

A leading Internet Company in China has released a new version of their popular search engine which actually works on a set of versatile commands and can even present results when addressed in a busy, noisy environment. This technology is sure to take the SA market by storm in the months and years to come.

It will be interesting to watch which, if any of these emerging technologies, will make their way to South Africa and when they do, how much of an impact they will have. If you would like to share any latest technology releases and advancements that have caught your eye, we would be keen to hear about them.

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