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14 Nov

Business Backups – Is it Time to Shift from Hard Drives to Cloud Backup

External hard drives, USB sticks, and even the occasional writable CD ROM are still being used in offices across the country – even as cloud storage becomes increasingly popular as a means to secure company data.

As a business owner, choosing between physical storage such as hard drives and secure cloud storage could have a big impact on your data security and potentially save you money in the long term.

Let’s take a look at physical storage and the cloud, compare their pros and cons, and help you decide which is best for your business.

Are hard drives still relevant?

From online streaming services taking the place of the movie theatre and CD shop to online shopping looking to replace malls  –  not to mention the ubiquitous Zoom call which changed our meeting cultures forever –  it’s safe to say that the cloud is the future.

Despite these shifts, some businesses still choose physical backup hard drives over cloud-based storage, citing data breaches, hacking attempts and lost files. There is also often concern that their data is being stored in overseas locations.

Many businesses still see physical backups as the easiest, if somewhat least professional way of storing business data which can then be enabled to share to network drives on employee’s computers. The downside is that you have to pay for the hardware upfront and it’s not cheap.

Businesses like this will typically use external hard drives to back up their files – hopefully on a regular basis –  in the hope that these devices will eventually contain a full set of data that can be used to restore files in the event of a hardware failure.

The perceived reliability of physical backup that comes with having an external hard drive on your desk or in the server room may be comforting to some, but these devices have one major flaw:

If the drive is stolen or malfunctions, the device itself can usually be replaced but the files can’t.

Cloud storage, with its decentralised and encrypted data protection technology, virtually illuminates this risk and gives individuals and business owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the data can be fully recovered in the event of a cyberattack.

Why cloud storage is a winner in 2023 and beyond

Secure cloud storage technology offers all the functionality of an external physical backup device, but with a level of encryption, security, and flexibility that these devices simply can’t offer.

  • Data kept safe in the cloud is encrypted so that it can’t simply be stolen and accessed by hackers and cybercriminals.
  • Cloud-based backup solutions offer multiple-factor authentication to verify the identity of users and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Unlike an external hard drive, the entire cloud can’t be stolen during a robbery,

As an added advantage, secure cloud storage can be scaled up or down depending on your data requirements.

A business that requires 1 GB of storage will pay a significantly lower monthly subscription, than one requiring one 1 TB of storage, helping business owners to reduce costs over the long term.

Experience the ease and security of secure cloud storage

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To get started securing your data, browse our range of packages today and choose the backup option that best suits your needs.

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