Can South Africa become a cashless, cardless community?

18 Mar

South Africa (and the rest of the world) has a considerable plastic problem. Straws have been outlawed, plastic bags are no longer free, and we’re all encouraged to re-use and recycle. Yes, the plastic problem is being addressed, but there is one that’s being overlooked. The use of plastic cards in the form of credit cards and loyalty cards!

The good, the bad, and the solution

Plastic is used for making payments, getting into debt, and earning loyalty points. It’s also a good way to get your personal data stolen and fraudulent activities carried out in your name. There’s no question that credit cards have their benefits, but wouldn’t a cardless, cashless system be safer and more convenient for us all?

Brett White, chief product officer of Zapper, has a vision of South Africa embracing a cashless, cardless way of life and he believes that all that has to happen to make this possible is for retailers and banks to get on board. This could be sound advice, especially when you consider just how successful Zapper is in the South African community.

Will cashless and cardless systems be limiting?

Zapper is a prime example that cashless and cardless systems offer all of the same benefits and conveniences of plastic cards. You can make payments, earn loyalty points, and pay for goods and services without having to swipe a card or put yourself at risk of exposing your personal details.

In fact, cashless and cardless systems are safer as they eliminate the risk of cash in transit heists, credit card cloning, and even card skimming. On top of that, these digital systems add an extra layer of security. Most mobile payment apps need you to input an app password as well as some form of digital authentication. Considering that we have our phones glued to us almost 24 hours a day, the chances of a security breach is far less than with a physical bank card.

Added bonus

Mobile payment apps offer customers an easy way to pay without the need to carry cash and a wallet full of plastic cards. Added to this effortless experience is the ability to earn even greater personalised discounts as the technology gains insight into our behaviour, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

As a country with the highest rate of adoption to loyalty programmes in the world, it’s about time South Africa adopted a cashless and cardless way of life. We are primed for it. We are ready for it. Come on retailers and banks! Let’s have a safer and more convenient way to pay in SA!

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