An Interesting Car Pooling App for Cape Town is Launched

2 May

If you were impressed when Uber rolled out onto our South African roads to make getting from A to B simpler and more affordable, then the new car pooling app aimed at Cape Town commuters will be music to your ears! uGoMyWay is a new SA startup app designed to put drivers and passengers in touch if they are using the same route at the same time in Cape Town’s busy city centre, hopefully helping to reduce congestion as well.

The aim of the app is to turn things around for Cape Town’s CBD which is listed by TomTom as one of the country’s most congested cities. It’s especially alarming to find that many of the cars causing such congestion only have one driver or at most, one passenger! If you’re tired of delays and gridlocked roads, perhaps this app is for you!

Quick Facts About uGoMyWay

  • The system is compatible with iPhone and Android devices
  • Users connect securely and agree to payments on the system
  • Payments are made monthly through the system for security
  • The per km rate is currently recommended at R1
  • The system will automatically work out distances for users

When using the uGoMyWay app, you can register your usual routes on the system, such as your work to home route, or your work, school pickup and home routes. As people’s routes match up, the system introduces them to a chat feature that will then allow these individuals to discuss the option of car pooling. This will save on fuel costs, reduce vehicle wear and tear and also do a great deal of good for the environment.

Worried about security?

Make use of the added security measure of only sharing route information with those in the same school as your children, in the same business park or residential street.

The service, which is already available, has over 90% of it’s users happily sharing routes and carpooling already. The app currently has its main focus on the city of Cape Town, but it can be used anywhere in the country.

It would seem that the saying “there’s an app for everything these days”, is becoming more and more of a reality! Hopefully the service can solve a few passenger and driver issues into busy centres, relieving many traffic nightmares and proving yet again how successful SA startups have become. Here at Soteria, we love anything that can relieve the stress in our busy daily lives, we just hope that the company behind the app keeps their user information and details safe, sound and encrypted!

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