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Business Backups | Cloud Storage

14 Nov

business backups

Business Backups – Is it Time to Shift from Hard Drives to Cloud Backup External hard drives, USB sticks, and even the occasional writable CD ROM are still being used in offices across the country – even as cloud storage becomes increasingly popular as a means to secure company data. As a business owner, choosing […]

More Cybersecurity – False Sense of Security

11 Jul

cybersecurity alert

Is more cybersecurity always better? Investing in security is something that goes without saying for most businesses. When it comes to protecting the company’s online assets, many IT managers are of the opinion that more cyber defences are better. Yet with such a huge investment in multiple security layers, cyberattacks are still on the rise. […]

Understanding data backup and recovery solutions | Cloud backup

26 Apr

How does data backup and recovery keep your crucial information safe? With all the headlines about data leaks, ransomware, and cyber attacks, you have every reason to be concerned about the safety of your business data. Data backup and secure cloud storage are key tools for keeping your business information safe, but if you’re not […]

Cyber defence for SMBs | Cloud Based Security Solutions

22 Nov

cloud-based storage solutions

Cloud-based security solutions for SMBs A major shift in the cybersecurity landscape is taking place this year as small businesses find themselves targeted by hackers and other bad actors in the online space. Ransomware attacks, which typically used to affect larger companies because of their ability to pay extravagant amounts of money, are now shifting […]

Defend your Data | Cybersecurity

2 Aug

defend your data

Cybersecurity must haves to defend your data If you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve been  sounding the alarm about the rising tide of cyberattacks targeting SA companies and other institutions. Several large data leaks affecting well-known brands have been dominating the tech headlines since late last year, serving as […]

Processing Business Data Securely | Data security

14 Jun

Processing Business Data Securely

How to process company information and data securely across your business Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, data security is an all-or-nothing business, yet many of us assume that having antivirus software and a standard firewall is more than enough to keep our data safe. If your data security measures don’t […]

The future of work | AI

4 May

future of work

Here’s How AI Will Change the Future of Work AI has already changed the way we shop, collaborate with colleagues, and even line up a Friday night date – and that’s just the beginning. With virtual meetings, hybrid work arrangements, and the Metaverse redefining the way we do business, AI is set to play a […]

Cloud Encryption | Cybersecurity

23 Nov

cloud encryption

The how and why of cloud encryption Data encryption is a major part of every effective cybersecurity setup – but what is it, how does it work, and why should you be interested in data storage, and more specifically, how your data is encrypted in the cloud? To answer these questions, we’ve put together a […]

Facebook Lost Control | Mobile Apps

12 Oct

facebook control

Has Facebook lost control? Social media is a huge part of our lives and for most of us, Facebook is the platform we go to for news, entertainment and to keep up with everyone we know. This wildly successful social media platform has grown exponentially over the years and is now used by 3 billion people […]

Your Guide to the Best Email Security Practices

13 Jul

best email security practices

Every time you send and receive an email, you’re taking a risk. There’s ransomware, phishing, viruses, and compliance violations to be wary of. From CEOs of big corporations to secretaries who manage client emails all day every day, everyone needs to be aware of the best email security practices to follow to ensure that your emailing […]