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28 Nov

It Had to Happen – Open AI Cyberattack Leaves ChatGPT Down

OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, has announced that it may have fallen prey to a DDOS attack in early November.

The company, which clocked over 100 million users recently, announced the potential attack and its intention to investigate how it was carried out.

Cybersecurity experts have long warned that ChatGPT may become the target of a cyberattack or hacking takeover attempt, and the recent incident shows that even one of the internet’s most well-known and popular sites can still fall prey to the ill intent of cybercriminals.

Ask ChatGPT: how did the hackers do it?

Almost all of us have experimented with ChatGPT by now, and whether the results were amazing, encouraging, or downright hilarious there’s no doubt that the technology has changed the way we work in 2023.

When we asked the bot how it got hacked, we got a long version of “I don’t know” – but cybersecurity experts at OpenAI think they’ve identified the cause of the recent outage.

Surprisingly, given ChatGPT’s sophistication, the method used to carry out the suspected cyberattack was relatively simple.

  • A DDoS, or distributed denial of service, attack is one of the most rudimentary but effective forms of cybercrime. Put simply, it’s a malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic on a site.
  • DDoS attacks work by setting up a huge number of pings trying to access the website’s resources simultaneously.

It’s easy to imagine what would happen if a website that usually receives 1 000 visitors a day suddenly received 1 million visitors. Loading time would grind to a halt, and eventually the site may go offline entirely. This is exactly what happened to ChatGPT’s website earlier this month.

Some netizens initially expressed doubt as to whether the attack was really a DDoS or just a huge surge in the number of users in the wake of GPT 4 Turbo, OpenAI’s latest version of the hugely popular chatbot. However, cybersecurity experts believe that the sheer number of pings was far too high to have occurred naturally.

Cyberattack marks OpenAI’s most challenging month yet

November’s cyberattack incident is the latest in a string of controversies faced by ChatGPT.

The AI chat bot has been criticised for producing output that is factually incorrect and engaging in problematic – or even disturbing – conversations with its users as well as hallucinating.

The company’s recent boardroom coup in which CEO Sam Altman was forced to leave, subsequently joining Microsoft in a senior position, was the crowning event in an extremely trying month for the company.

How to avoid DDoS attacks against your business

Cybercriminals are always thinking of new ways to cause inconvenience for honest business people. To avoid a DDoS attack, it’s essential to ensure that the attack surfaces (number of resources on your website) are limited.

Using cached data may also help keep your site safe from DDoS attacks and help it recover faster if an attack occurs.

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