Cloud backup is a must – not an option

9 Feb

The global population as a whole would probably agree that without access to cloud computing, COVID-19 may have completely destroyed businesses. While not all businesses have survived the pandemic, many have been able to continue running and keep staff members working by moving their operations to the cloud. Because of stay-home orders on a worldwide basis, cloud backups and other cloud services are no longer optional for businesses but have become an integral part of any solid business IT solution.

While people are becoming more aware of the convenience and reliability of cloud services, many overlook their responsibilities when it comes to secure cloud backups.

Millions of people are now working from home, using their own (in many instances) insecure networks and devices (laptops and mobile phones) and storing sensitive data and information to those devices…at home.  There’s also a flurry of data (and documents) sent back and forth using cloud services between staff.

Unfortunately, many people still have their head in the clouds, living under the impression that their cloud service will automatically back these documents up!. While automated backup is usually offered as part of the service, it has to be initiated and this is not the responsibility of the service provider.

When companies overlook this crucial point, it’s a recipe for disaster for businesses and a dream-come-true for opportunistic hackers and fraudsters!

the impact of data breaches/data loss on finances & business image

There’s more than just money to be lost when your business has a data breach. Your business’ image is also tarnished. Clients who have been the victim of a breach feel betrayed and their trust in your business will waiver.

Studies have shown that nearly 50% of data incidents were as a result of malicious attacks on business customers, employees and corporate data.

In 2020, data breach incidents cost South African businesses a whopping R40.2 million. Now that’s a scary statistic. Business is lost, reputation is damaged, and new clients are apprehensive. And then, there’s the cost of recovering the data and setting a more secure system in place.

Is it really worth taking the risk of not doing a cloud backup? Safe and secure online data backups are easier, far less traumatising and a less costly option!

protecting your company’s most valuable asset: data

If you are keen to ensure that your business stays on top of its data security responsibilities, doing online data backups is the only way forward. Choosing a data backup service is something that should be done with care. You’d be best protected by finding a service that offers:

  • Up to 448-bit encryption
  • Automated data backups (without the employee having to manually do anything)
  • Replication to a second location (to be extra safe)
  • Sufficient storage space

The process of doing a cloud backup once you have chosen the data package that suits your needs and budget should also be easy.

It should be as simple as 1,2,3:

  1. Download the automated software to your computer
  2. Select the files you need to backup
  3. Set an automated daily or weekly backup time and a secure password

It’s that simple. The rest, the software will do itself. You can then restore files from the cloud when needed in just a few clicks (with the use of your encrypted password).

cloud backup is a must-do new year’s resolution

It’s not too late to set a few New Year resolutions for your business! Do the right thing for your business (and your clients and staff members) this year and get set up with a reliable, secure and affordable cloud backup service. Having cloud backup is no longer an option, it’s a must.

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