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30 Jan

How Secure Cloud Storage Makes Business Better Every Day

Tech shows are a great place to make new connections and find inspiration – and when you hear success stories about your industry and product it’s even more exciting.

At a trade show late last year I was sitting in on a client review and revert session when I heard a success story that really resonated with me about how cloud storage saved someone’s small business. I’d like to share it with you today.

The customer told us how it had taken her several years to build up both the capital and the courage to take her business idea to market. Two years after launching her business she survived a particularly nasty cyberattack that could’ve set her back hugely, – and if she hadn’t had a secure backup of all her files, she probably wouldn’t be in business today.

Here is what she told us and why she believes so firmly that cloud storage solutions are essential for every entrepreneur.

Saved from the clutches of Ransomware

I’ll never forget the day I received that email.

At first, I thought it was a joke or a scam, but when I tried to access my files and found them locked by a ransomware password, I froze on the spot. I was suddenly a “victim of cybercrime” which I had always thought I wasn’t important enough to be.

Like so many victims of the 50% surge in ransomware attacks in SA last year, thoughts of all the sensitive information that we had stored on our company computers raced through my mind as I googled “cyberattack” and tried to desperately call my IT technician.

Our business might still be small but a few hundred customers rely on us to keep their personal information secure and although our remote workers had full access to secure online storage, we had never done a check to ensure they were backing up all the data, daily.

Fortunately, our IT specialist had good news: the online backup package we had purchased just two months before would have a copy of all our important files, and since none of our client information had been compromised, we could safely resolve the issue without paying a cent.

Since that incident, I’ve expanded my cloud storage subscription to include fully encrypted automated backup. The next time a cyberattack takes place, we’ll be ready.

Cloud Backup Success – The benefits go beyond cybersecurity

Cyberattacks aren’t the only reason to sign up for secure cloud storage. A reliable backup solution provides a huge number of benefits:

  • It’s cost-effective. Cloud storage is far cheaper than physical storage and it’s far more difficult for cybercriminals to access it because it’s encrypted.
  • You can scale it to your needs. Whether you’re a one-person business with a one Gb per month requirement or a medium sized enterprise that needs 100 times more storage, you can choose a package that suits your needs and budget.
  • You never have to worry about backing up again. Automated backups mean you’ll always have a recent copy of your files on hand in the event of data loss or a cyberattack.

With cybercrime increasing by the day, every business needs to keep its data safe. Join the ranks of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and browse Soteria’s range of cloud storage solutions today.

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