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16 Jan

Future Trends in Cloud Backup Technology

Secure cloud storage is every organisation’s number one defence against cybercrime. As hackers up their game on a regular basis, cloud backup technology must respond in kind by becoming more secure and reliable.

Keeping up with the race between cybercriminals and data defence systems is essential for every business, especially when it comes to choosing a cloud storage solution. Let’s take a look at some of the big future trends in the backup industry and what they mean for the safety of your data.

AI Integration

By now, almost everyone has tried out ChatGPT or a similar AI application. This technology may not be perfect yet, but it certainly has the potential to become a powerful assistant in almost every industry – and secure backup is no exception.

Cybercrime detection and recovery is a major use case for AI and we expect to see more applications of this type being rolled out this year.

Artificial intelligence can help to detect cyberattacks by monitoring changes to the files on a company’s storage devices or in the cloud. When it comes to recovery, a blanket approach whereby every file is rolled back to a certain point in time before the attack risks losing a significant amount of recent data.

AI assists in this regard by scanning individual files and restoring them to the most recent viable version.

Virtual desktops

When employees work remotely, they introduce an added layer of worry for IT security administrators: using their own devices.

No matter how careful the user may be, working on a device that doesn’t conform to the organisation’s digital security specifications will always create the potential for data leaks, breaches and cyberattacks to take place.

Forward thinking IT managers are responding by creating virtual desktops, which use the identical productivity and digital security software found on any of the on-site devices used by employees while maintaining real time back up. This helps to ensure data security while team members are working remotely.

The effectiveness of using virtual desktops will come down to advanced secure cloud storage and fully updated antivirus and malware software to prevent remote takeover attempts and data loss.

A serious demand for Cybersecurity

As the number of cyberattacks in South Africa continues to soar amid claims that the government isn’t doing enough to stem the tide, organisations are responding with a sense of urgency.

Cloud based backup solutions with immutable storage and full integration of real time backups across the organisation, coupled with enhanced user training for employees are likely to become the gold standard going forward.

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