Cloud Migration – Is it what your business needs?

9 Jul

Have you been concerned that your business is lagging behind because it hasn’t migrated to the Cloud yet? Well, you might have made an excellent decision for yourself in the long run. Being slow to adopt Cloud business systems might have saved you a lot of money and frustration after all.

When Cloud computing first came about, businesses clamoured for it because it promised cost-effective data storage and a convenient way to connect everyone within an organisation. With Cloud computing systems, documents could be shared, and projects could be worked on, without having to set foot outside of your office, or be physically in the office – regardless of whether your business is local or global.

Not every cloud has a silver lining for everyone

Unfortunately, Cloud computing hasn’t really been “all of that” for businesses looking to cut back on costs. Perhaps what those businesses were looking for was a data storage solution. These businesses would better benefit from Cloud backups and storage, instead of the Cloud computing business systems that were touted as “the thing to have” by the industry at the time.

Data security is a problem that some Cloud-based businesses are currently struggling with. It comes as no surprise that online data breaches have cost many businesses millions of rand. And that again is where Cloud backup and storage may outshine a Cloud storage business system. Let’s face it, Cloud migration and business operations in the Cloud cost money and of course, whoever you are “hiring” your Cloud space from is going to limit just how much space you get. You basically have the very same problem you had before, except now it is in the Cloud.

The fact of the matter is that the Cloud offers businesses, and individuals, great conveniences – that cannot be disputed, but it’s not always going to be the most viable option for every business.

How Cloud Backup & Storage Makes for a More Viable Alternative

With Cloud Backup, you can have backups automated on your business devices to transfer data to the Cloud and remove local copies (if you feel this is safer). Now your data is safely stored. Best of all, Cloud backups offer data encryption, which eliminates the risk of a Cloud data breach. You could save yourself a lot of time, money, and security risks by opting for secure encrypted regular data backups, instead of moving your entire business to the Cloud.

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