Cloud Storage – Store, Sync & Share Backup

1 Mar

Store, Sync and Share Backup Safely with Cloud Storage

Running a modern business means having access to your important company data where and when you need it while still keeping it safe from cybercrime. The headache of relying on physical storage like hard drives and flash drives is over, and cloud storage has become the gold standard for companies that are serious about data security.

Instead of stressing about lost files, either due to physical problems with your hard drive or a data breach, wouldn’t you prefer to rest easy knowing that your files are safely locked away in the cloud?

If you’re new to cloud storage you probably have questions about this technology and how it keeps your data safe. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of storing your data in the cloud and how you can set your business up with an easy-to-use storage solution.

the benefits of cloud storage

You can share, manage, store, sync and collaborate content with your partners and staff quickly and easily when you choose to backup your data in the cloud, and just as importantly, you can access the data from anywhere.

  • Share data instantly. You can collaborate with your team and give everyone access to the files they need with zero delays.
  • Store business-related content securely. By separating your business and personal files you can only organise your workflow but also keep your private data safe.
  • Sync with all your devices at once. Whether you’re using your iPhone, laptop, tablet or office PC you’ll have access to the same files with secure encryption to keep them out of the wrong hands.
  • Access your data from anywhere. The age of remote working means that you may need to access your files from home, a café, a client’s premises, or even from your hotel room on holiday. All of this is easy with secure cloud storage.
  • Set automated backups. With automated backups happening daily, even if the worst happens you know that your most recent data is all sitting in the cloud. With cloud storage no criminal can hold you to ransom.

access your data safely with cloud storage

A great way to protect yourself from ransomware and malware attacks is to make sure that your data is safe and encrypted at all times.

Our range of secure cloud storage packages allow you to schedule automatic backups and create multiple copies of your files for extra security.

If you have more questions about cloud storage, contact us today and we’ll help you to get started.

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