Companies that have moved to the cloud

26 May

We hear about Cloud Computing and Cloud Backup daily, but is this is just a way of saving and storing information? No, it most certainly is not! The cloud is somewhere where companies can conduct business. In fact, if a business has connectivity it is able to operate from the cloud, and nearly every business does so already, in one small way or another. If you consider some of the leading companies that already operate in the cloud, you won’t be surprised to find the likes of  Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook and Apple. These particular companies have built themselves around their own designed and dedicated cloud like applications, so they wouldn’t really be classified as examples of regular businesses operating in the cloud and making a success of it.

If you float a little deeper into the clouds the real truth peeks out: a list of companies that have sky rocketing success with targeted projects in the cloud and are reaping the rewards.  Let’s take a couple of the top contenders of companies that have moved to the cloud with satisfying success:

  • Xerox – this company used public cloud services to provide customers with a new customer-facing service.
  • Revlon – this company streamlines its internal application deployments using private cloud methodologies.
  • Subaru – launched an online marketing campaign that supported the creation of over 10,000 animations.
  • Columbia Sportswear – that enabled the company to scale down and reduce infrastructure costs.

Of course there is no reason for a company to leap entirely into the cloud, but by making use of public cloud services, projects can be better handled and the business can experience greater success. Perhaps your company has its own production house, but can benefit from putting proofs in the cloud. Or maybe your business can host an entire project in the cloud, but the core business still operates from your data centre or business location.  The idea is to start small in the “Cumulus” moving gradually into the “Cumulonimbus” as you begin to use the cloud more and more – and just as you needed to quickly research those cloud names online – you need to do your cloud research thoroughly!

A great place to begin with cloud computing would be to start ensuring that your data backups are done regularly and are encrypted. To learn more about cloud computing and backups and how it can benefit your business, contact us at Soteria Cloud today.


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