Controlling our habitat with technology – how would you feel about a smart home?

20 Oct

At Soteria Cloud we like to keep up to date on cloud back up news as well as the latest developments in technology. While mobile phones, cloud computing and various other digital advancements seem to be making our lives easier, we simply cannot overlook one particular innovation; Smart homes!  We take a closer look at these systems and just how they could affect the notion of domestic bliss…

A smart home is the perfect illustration of how technology can change the way we live. In fact it can truly enhance our quality of life and if it’s designed properly and set up efficiently, your daily household chores and experience can be greatly simplified and enriched.

To set the scene; picture yourself arriving home from after a 3-day workshop. As you wearily cross the threshold the lights dim, the air conditioning is perfectly set and your favourite pre-recorded television program comes on, with your best track playing in the background. Horror of horrors though, the fridge is empty and the pantry is bare and although there is a recollection that your online shopping app notified you, you ignored it and now you are hungry. Not a concern when a link from the fridge dials the local takeaway, via your mobile, and dinner is served. Sound like heaven to you? If it does, wait until you learn what else a smart home can offer you!

Remote access from just about anywhere

Smart homes are exactly what the name implies, fully automated intelligent homes. There is barely a system or appliance on the market today that can’t in some way be linked to a central control panel or remote. In fact if you are replacing appliances and gadgets, you would be wise to check their accessibility to remote control!

What this means is that you can control everything from anywhere;  switch the lights off from the couch, change channels in the kitchen or close the curtains from the garden, you can quite literally control everything remotely, from your office or even when you are out of town or on holiday. Forgotten to turn the geyser off before leaving for the week? Not a concern when you have remote control access.

Home automation is a technological advancement that is taking both the business and residential property market by storm. While these systems used to be the coveted convenience of the rich and famous, newer models and better designs mean affordability to more people. Importantly, they can extend beyond the luxury of family benefits to making lives easier for others, such as caregivers and the elderly, helping us to save energy in our homes and businesses.

Seamless integration and features

So just what can a smart home or home automation offer you in terms of convenience and comfort? Here’s what the average system can do:

  • Lock and unlock doors via your smartphone or other electronic device.
  • Activate or deactivate the alarm system via the control panel, smartphone or other device.
  • Open and close the curtains in each room.
  • Set and monitor the temperature and ventilation.
  • Monitor the energy consumption of your appliances, systems and devices.
  • Control your entertainment systems. This includes televisions and music systems.
  • Control your lighting systems. This is ideal for security purposes when you are away.
  • Link all appliances and control them remotely – fridges, ovens, coffee machines and more. ·         Vehicle detection systems.
  • Plant and pet monitoring systems.

Of course those who invest in and install home automation systems must take security of the actual system into consideration. Accessing the controls via your smartphone demands greater smartphone security and it is essential to keep the user information and passwords for your system secure at all times.

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