Customer service management in a post-pandemic era

13 Oct

Pandemics have a way of bringing world-wide economies to their knees. One just has to take a look at the state of economies and local businesses in the wake of COVID-19 to see that. As businesses struggle to their feet and try to take up their place at the forefront of consumer markets once more, one glaringly obvious problem presents itself. In the absence of business, customer services have taken a dip and along with it the ability to implement customer service management systems that truly work.

Some businesses have grasped the opportunity and thrived while others seem to have dropped the ball and been left standing around, looking confused.

It’s not that customers have used the pandemic as an excuse to become wishy-washy in their wants and needs. In fact, for many years, consumers have been looking to businesses to see how they plan to step up their online presence and offer innovative changes that meet the ever-growing expectations of consumers. The pandemic has simply highlighted these expectations and forced big business to bring their planning forward a few years.

For brick and mortar stores, the world of online shopping has opened up, real-time communications had to be made a real “thing”, and deliveries of anything and everything in the speediest possible fashion had to become the norm for any local business to survive these challenging times.

Even businesses already offering their services online have had to shine their shoes and get their teams into line as more and more consumers seek out their services from a remote environment. Things have needed to change for all kinds of businesses and a very bright spotlight has recently been shining on the topic of customer service management.

2021-proof your customer service management

The need for better and more robust customer service management is more obvious now than it’s ever been before. Contactless engagements and shifts towards a more digital-focused business model have meant that staff member’s roles have changed over the past weeks and months and that means more training and of course more upskilling.

So, just how do you go about creating a customer service management plan that wows the socks off consumers in your particular target market? Here’s how to strategise for customer service management excellence.

  • Find out what makes your customers tick for the sake of retention – Find out where your customers’ needs are being met and where they are not so that improvements can be implemented. There is software available online to do this type of market research.
  • Provide your customer service agents with a wealth of support – Your customer service agents can only be as good as you have taught them to be. Upskill your staff members, so that they know how to make use of all new systems and provide the best possible digital services to your customers.
  • Provide quick and easy access to product information and company services –This is where cloud computing becomes of paramount importance. Customer service agents with quick and easy access to documents and information can provide better service delivery than a staff member that has to scramble and hunt for information.
  • Provide data security peace of mind – Collecting a customer’s data has become an area of concern of late. Customers are fearful of what might happen with their personal data once it is collected. Where is it stored and is it safe? Can it be hacked? While nothing in life is guaranteed, by assuring your customers that their data is encrypted and stored securely off-site in the cloud, you can provide them with much-needed peace of mind that their personal particulars are not going to end up in the hands of a third party.

the time to boost your customer service management is now!

There’s no time to waste when it comes to boosting your customer service management efforts. Most businesses are well on their way to transforming how they provide their services – you don’t want to be left behind.

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