Cyber threats to watch out for in 2018!

16 Jan

As time progresses, so do the techniques and abilities of hackers and opportunistic online criminals. With 2018 comes a whole host of new and improved (for the hackers that is!) cyber threats to watch out for. Be aware – you have been warned!

Cyber security challenges to be expected

Being informed and prepared is the best defence. The industry expects to see the following on the increase this year:

Large data breaches

Cyber criminals are getting more confident and this year bigger data breaches than ever before are expected to be seen. According to security expert, Marc Goodman, companies holding information on people’s browsing habits could very well become the next targets of hackers.

Cloud based ransomware

When you consider the crippling impact ransomware has had on many companies including the likes of FedEx, it’s a scary concept to consider that this could become a problem in the cloud too.

Imagine backing up your data only to have it fall victim to ransomware in the cloud. When choosing an online backup company, make sure that they offer top notch data encryption too. At Soteria Cloud you will find that we offer safe and secure data encrypted backups suitable for both home and business.

AI used for phishing

We know how easy it is to become a victim of phishing. All one has to do is be tricked into exposing their personal information and soon they will find their identity stolen. It is expected that in 2018, hackers will start using AI for phishing and to design more effective malware.

Cyber-physical attacks

This particular cyber-threat is a scary one! These attacks are expected to be aimed specifically at transport networks to cause immediate disruptions or to force owners and investors to pay for the safe return of operations and systems.

What’s disconcerting is that hackers can find ways to exploit the vulnerabilities in older models of planes, ships, trains and more.

Cryptocurrency mining

You might think that it’s the theft of cryptocurrencies that’s the risk to watch out for, but it’s not. Mining of cryptocurrency requires large amounts of computer processing power and hackers are able to steal computer processing power for their mining, by hacking into other networks.

They can breach the security of large corporations with massive computer processing power such as power plants, hospitals, airports and more. And this just means trouble for all involved.

Election tampering

We all know about the Russians hacking and tampering with the US election voting system and this is a major concern for the year(s) ahead. Hackers are expected to target voting machines, voter rolls and even the software that is used to operate them.

It’s going to be a busy year for hackers in 2018 and so it’s best to ensure that you’re prepared. Make sure that you change your passwords regularly, use complex passwords, only connect to safe and secure networks and of course, store your sensitive information in the cloud (only if it’s encrypted).

Let’s hope the experts can limit the negative impact of these cyber threat predictions this year!

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