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23 Jan

How Soteria Cloud Ensures Data Resilience

Data resilience is a major buzzword in the tech sector today and describes a best-practices approach to keeping important files and applications running in the face of infrastructure failure and cyberattacks.

With South Africa facing one of the biggest upticks in cybercrime of any country, the ongoing challenges of load shedding, and the potential for the disruption of public services during times of civil unrest, local companies need to take major steps to ensure the resilience of their data.

Fortunately, secure cloud storage is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to do just that.

In this article we delve deeper into the concept of data resiliency, find out why it’s essential to have uninterrupted access to both software and company information at all times, and highlight the benefits of migrating your safe storage spaces from on-site physical hardware to the cloud.

Ensuring data access, come what may

If you’ve ever experienced a major data breach or hacking attempt, you’ll know just how paralysing it can be to lose access to your data and critical software applications. The more high tech your business is, the more debilitating an incident like this can be.

In the worst-case scenario, the financial and reputational damage that could ensue from a data loss event could run into hundreds of thousands of Rands or more.

Data resiliency is a concept that any organisation can use to make its information battle-ready. It also ensures minimal downtime in the event of a cyberattack, load shedding, or a natural disaster affecting the data centre where important files are stored.

Businesses fear data loss but haven’t taken action to secure their info

Although the majority of managers and business owners polled by McKinsey mention data and software reliability as a major goal, very few companies have taken bold steps towards this objective.

With the number of cybercrimes expected to rise even further this year, there’s no time to waste in ensuring that all your company’s files and cloud-based apps are available, even in the worst case scenario, so that productivity can continue.

Secure cloud storage as a major data resiliency boost

If the definition of data resiliency is “always available”, secure cloud storage should be known as the “always there” ultimate data defence solution. Encrypted cloud storage has several unique features that can help to boost your company’s data resilience:

  • Permanent availability. Secure cloud storage isn’t subject to sudden failure – unlike physical storage devices.
  • Pay as you go scalability. Users can select a package that suits their current needs and upgrade it as the organisation grows.
  • Instantaneous backup. Having the latest version of critical files on hand to roll back in the event of a cyberattack is a huge advantage where resilience is concerned.
  • Immutable storage. Backups that stay intact even after a cyberattack are the best guarantee of a rapid recovery that could save a business costly damage to its reputation and finances.

To learn more about secure cloud storage and take the first step toward data resilience for your business, browse our range of storage solutions today.

Image: claudio-schwarz-unsplash

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