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17 May

Make data your responsibility 365 days a year

Today, productivity is taking place in the cloud more than ever before. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a time when we used to rely on physical storage like hard drives to keep our data safe. Switching to cloud-based apps and online backup for business and personal use comes with a raft of benefits, but it also means that every member of your organisation needs to understand that “data is your responsibility” for good cybersecurity.

Here are some ways you can encourage data responsibility in your business and keep your sensitive information safe in the cloud.

everyone is online nowadays, hackers  included

The past two decades have seen a major shift towards cloud-based computing as Internet bandwidth has increased and more organisations switch to decentralized remote-based working.

  • In most industries, specialised software that used to come on CD, DVD or- if you’re old enough to remember these – floppy disks, is increasingly available for download on a subscription basis.
  • For users these innovations mean connecting to the Internet to access data from servers around the world every time a computer is used in the workplace.
  • Billions of people accessing information online every day means that the opportunity for cybercrime has skyrocketed in recent years.

To fully benefit from the convenience and productivity boosting features of cloud-based apps you need to ensure that every single user on your network takes responsibility for the safety of the data they use, twenty-four-seven and 365 days a year.

data security from the ground up

To keep your business information safe and prevent data leaks or hacking attempts, you’ll want to consider the following strategies:

  • Start with the basics. Up-to-date antivirus software, a strong firewall, secure passwords, zero trust, and a strict privacy policy form the bedrock of your cyber security approach
  • Train positive behaviours at work. It’s essential to instil a sense of responsibility in your team for all the data that they use on a regular basis and ensure that no sensitive information is shared with unauthorised users.
  • Keep your cloud cloud-based data safe with secure encryption. This type of data is difficult to decipher even if it’s leaked, making encryption your front line defence against unauthorised data access and hackers.

make data your responsibility and stay safe in the cloud with Soteria

As your company embraces cloud-based productivity, our range of secure cloud storage solutions will help keep your information out of the wrong hands. To learn more, contact the Soteria team today.

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