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26 Oct

Dump the hard drive – data driven storage for the post-pandemic world

The world of business is hugely different than it was pre-pandemic. So why are we still using outdated physical hardware storage rather than using a strategy of data driven storage?

With workers and management carrying out tasks remotely there’s an urgent need for on-demand company data that doesn’t rely on the physical constraints of a server or desktop.

In this article we take a look at software-driven data storage strategies and how you can implement one in your business with cloud storage at its core.

a data strategy for the post pandemic world

Are you spending less time in the office than you used to? Most of us would say yes – and our business data needs to be as remote as we are.

The trend in favour of remote work, cloud storage, and an organisation-wide IT solution that favours the cloud over traditional physical storage has only intensified over the past 18 months.

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to ensure that your business adopts a software centred data strategy from now on. Here’s what this could look like

  • Availability of data. You, your employees, and your DevOps need to have access to all your company’s data any time and from anywhere. With everyone working remotely the solution is simple: cloud storage.
  • Scalability of your data system. One of the major advantages of opting for cloud storage and software instead of traditional hardware driven storage is that you can scale it up almost instantly as you need to. Buying exactly the amount of data storage units in a given month is far easier and more affordable than trying to predict your storage needs and buying hardware accordingly.
  • Data security. Hacking, malware, ransomware and a host of other digital security threats pose a big threat to data security for companies around the world. Online cloud storage is much safer than physical storage because online providers have access to the best antivirus, anti-hacking, and other security features.

The cost of installing these features to protect your physical hardware and the ongoing maintenance expense simply isn’t viable compared with the cost-effective options update stay out there today – including ours.

ready to do business post pandemic? We’ve got your cloud needs covered

To make sure your business is on par with the evolving digital economy, contact us today to learn more about our range of cloud storage options.

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