Are you up to date with the Big Tech Predictions for 2018?

8 May

According to leading digital service providers in South Africa, 2018 is set to see 4 key technologies continue to advance in virtual leaps and bounds. Tech predictions set to lead the way this year are:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Voice-enabled Chat & Chatbot Interactions

What’s interesting about these technologies is that they will feed off one another, each consequently causing the steady growth of the other. While this is certainly unique, it is also believed that these trends will fuse together, completely transforming the way in which we do business and interact/connect with people and the world around us.

Let’s take a closer look at each technology and what to expect.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality – AR & VR

VR and AR is getting a lot of attention in niche consumer markets including the gaming industry. Here, these technologies shine, but it seems that in the business world there’s been a hype that’s quickly simmered down.

This could be because the corporate world hasn’t been able to integrate these technologies, but this is set to change in 2018. Developers will certainly take a closer look at AR and VR and find ways in which to bring them to life in more than just the gaming world.

Of course, in the manufacturing, engineering and industrial fields, AR and VR is well adopted already. These technologies make presenting business models, space plans and prototypes simpler.

Organisations will need to look into ways to change their business culture and shift their business strategies to ensure that they are truly ready for when AR and VR become the norm in the business world (and they will)!

Artificial Intelligence – AI (especially in the Labour market)

To date Artificial Intelligence (AI) has delighted some and struck fear into the hearts of others. AI is designed to automate various functions, which means that manual and operational tasks can be handled by machine and not by man. For many, this induces a fear of job losses while for others it’s an intellectual challenge as they will have to find job fulfilment in other, more academic fields.

The job industry will indeed start to change in 2018 due to AI. For many businesses, this will mean profitable and productive change. Algorithms, robots and interfaces can work faster, smarter and more cost-effectively.

For manufacturing and production it makes good sense to turn to AI even if it doesn’t please the workforce, especially in South Africa where the topic of labour is a sensitive one.

IoT – The Internet of Things is set to be included in up to 95% of all New Electronics

The IoT is something that’s included in everything. In fact, even things you don’t expect to be connected or connectable actually are.

By 2020 it is thought that 95% of all new electronics will be able to connect. Much needs to be discussed and decided in terms of protocol, components to use and standards for IoT devices, but that won’t slow this technology down. One just has to take a look at how much IoT networks and enabling infrastructures are being invested in to realise just how prominent this technology is going to be over the next two years.

IoT is on its way, but it won’t happen overnight. Many smartphones, GPS devices, and other devices have included various components or the capability thereof, without users being able to access their true functionality. This could prove to be a similar situation with IoT components. However, in the business and private space, the IoT should be readily anticipated.

Chatbots & Voice Enabled Chats will Overtake Mobile App Development

Traditional mobile app development, which has been extremely popular in the past, is set to take a backseat to Chatbots and voice enabled chat systems. With voice being used as a way to engage with modern technology, this just seems like the next step.

While voice commands for devices might seem foreign to some, it is an advancement that will quickly be adapted to. With busy lifestyles and schedules, being able to communicate with devices verbally saves time and allows people to multitask. This can be highly beneficial in both the business environment and private home.As big technology predictions become a

reality, the need for heightened security becomes a necessity. It’s time to start thinking about how new technology will affect you personally or in the business environment, ensuring that you don’t leave yourself open to cyber crime. Have the chat now, or contact the experts at Soteria Cloud to find out about their new online backup system – it’s latest tech!

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