Embracing AI in e-commerce – Solution or revolution?

8 Apr

For some, AI (artificial intelligence) is exciting, but for others it’s downright scary. What people fear most about AI is that machines and programs can take over previously “human” tasks and the more they interact with humans, the more they learn and seemingly smarter they get.

For those who understand AI, using it for e-commerce is a solution and not just a scary unstoppable revolution in technology. And we will tell you why.

Running an online business in the 21st century has almost become the norm. With an e-commerce website, businesses can run 24-hours a day, trade internationally, offer automated sales, and have access to valuable customer behaviour insights. Embracing AI with a fully automated website is the most cost-effective and lucrative way to run a business – if it’s done right.

AI’s role in e-commerce websites/businesses

AI can play as big or as small a role in your business as you want it to, but there are a few main areas in which AI is beneficial. These include:

  • Stock control

We live in an era of instant gratification, and the thing with an online business is that customers want answers ‘now’, and they also want to know that the product they are ordering is readily available in stock. AI plays an essential role in inventory control, keeping a clear record of stock levels as well as gathering data that can be used to predict future market trends.

  • Automation

Have a lot to do, but simply can’t afford to hire staff members to help out? AI has great e-commerce automation features that can save busy entrepreneurs a few hours a day. All those little tasks that distract you from the core aspects of your business can be handled by artificial intelligence. And, in many instances, it’s done so well that customers don’t even realise that they aren’t dealing with a human! One great example of this is the AI virtual assistant which can answer emails, host online chats, schedule meetings, and even organise your calendar.

  • Effective retargeting

While consumers are in the research phase of the buying process, the chances are that they will visit your website, spend some time on specific product/service pages and then move on without a purchase. They may come back, but then again, they may get distracted by another supplier and never return.

Artificial intelligence can be used to gather consumer behaviour data from these visits and create a custom retargeting strategy. This could be in the form of social media adverts featuring the very products that they were looking at or providing helpful content on their topic of interest. It’s a great way to refresh the consumer’s memory and have them clicking on the “buy now” button on your targeted ads.

  • Boost efficiency and profits while saving time

Many of the tasks of an online business owner take time, planning, and money. From sales to blog posts, social media posts, data capture and more. You can use an AI system to strategically plan these processes and then gather data to provide useful insights at every step of the campaign or process. In this way, AI will boost your efficiency, save you a lot of time, and ensure that you are making the most money possible at all times.

Join the revolution – sign up for an AI e-commerce solution!

Yes, AI forms part of the world technology revolution, but that’s not all that it is. It is also a solution for the e-commerce industry. If you want to do more in less time and boost profits and customer excellence all at the same time, AI is the e-commerce solution for you!

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