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5 Sep

Hybrid workforce enhancing the need for cloud backup services

The rapid development of Africa’s overall economy continues to create new business opportunities.

With a GDP five times bigger than it was in the year 2000, trends like hybrid working are sparking a new wave of data creation across the continent – and the demand for cloud storage is set to soar.

In the 21st century, the stark reality is that prosperity comes with the risk of cybercrime. According to a recent research report from PT Security, Africa lost up to 10% of GDP to a lack of digital security preparedness in 2022.

Migrating to a hybrid cloud approach may be the ideal security solution for companies from Cape Town to Cairo.

Growth, hybrid work, and an explosion in data

As African businesses expand and embrace modern working practices, one of the inevitable results of a hybrid working model is the large amount of data that every modern company produces.

This sensitive information is not only crucial for the running of the business but is also a prime target for cybercriminals who carry out hacking and ransomware attempts.

  • Businesses that were established more than 10 years ago are likely to fall into the category of data users that store information on servers and physical hard drives.
  • These off-line backup solutions have their benefits but relying on physical storage alone is a major security risk, not to mention that company data is vulnerable to corruption or loss if the hardware fails.

As organisations grow and modernise, combining traditional storage with a cloud-based approach – a practice called hybrid cloud storage – is the ideal way to secure data that has been on the company’s system for years and keep newly minted information safe too.

Follow the 32110 approach for best results

If you’re wondering how to keep your company data safe with hybrid cloud storage, we’d like to share some industry best practices with you.

The 32110-cloud storage method is a handy way of scheduling and maintaining data in the cloud as well as offline using traditional storage.

  • Following this approach, companies should have three copies of their data on hand at any given time.
  • Two copies are kept on different media, one copy is kept in the cloud, and the final copy is kept in special storage like an air gapped computer with no internet connection.
  • The zero represents zero errors, a prerequisite for uncorrupted data storage.

Embracing the Cloud

Adopting a hybrid storage model is an extremely flexible solution that is especially useful in Africa where cost sensitivity is high.

An affordable cloud storage solution can be added to existing physical storage methods to provide an additional layer of data security at competitive rates.

Soteria’s range of secure cloud storage solutions using advanced data encryption are the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes that are serious about data security. Browse our packages today to find the solution that suits your data requirements and budget.

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