An Ethical Hacker – Made in SA

15 Aug

Most of us attach a negative connotation to the concept of hacking, but is it all really bad? It doesn’t have to be. One particular professional hacker right here in SA, Rudi Dicks, is proof that hacking can be used for good. In fact, he uses it for good every single day!

When hacking is used for offensive security, penetration testing and risk assessment, companies and the public stand to gain. Professional and ethical hackers such as Rudi are tasked with hacking companies in an attempt to expose vulnerabilities so that security measures and technology can be upgraded, improved and better implemented. Of course the main point of difference is that Rudi receives permission from the companies involved to do the hacking that he does! His particular range of expertise lies in social engineering, development and network security.

Can One Take A Hacking Course?

While there is understandably a market for ethical hackers across the globe, it does make one wonder just how they acquire the skills and training to do what they do. By completing a Certified Ethical Hacker and Offensive Security Certified Professional qualification course, just about anyone with the right IT skills can acquire the know-how required.

Once the course is complete, there are examinations held to test the extent of a student’s skills and knowledge. One such exam which was completed by Rudi, requires students to hack into 5 virtual machines while connected through a VPN within a time limit of just 24 hours.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For The Job

While anyone from any background is able to attend and obtain a qualification in ethical hacking, there are a few requirements that will make studying and working in the field easier. The ideal candidates must be problem solvers with critical thinking skills.

Of course a passion and enthusiasm for all things cyber security related will also help to ensure that the hacker remains interested and challenged.

What Else Will An Ethical Hacker Do With His Or Her Time?

Ethical hackers won’t just while away the hours hacking all day and all night. Much like Rudi does, an ethical hacker could get involved in a variety of aspects of cyber security support. For instance, Rudi assists companies with understanding their vulnerabilities and with implementing processes and methods that are considered good cyber security practice. This includes training staff to be security conscious and responsible, handling administration, assessing potential risks and ensuring that security systems and measures in place aren’t at risk of possible penetration / breach.

In some instances actual hacks or attacks on a company can be posed (with permission of the company but without the knowledge of the staff members) to see how staff members handle a threat and to use the collected responses and data to teach better methods and practices. It can be a lot more involved than you would think.

Does Every Company Need An Ethical Hacker To Work With Them?

It is not strictly required for a company to have an ethical hacker on their side. By taking the correct precautions and ensuring that all company staff members are educated with regards to risks, potential data breaches and hacks can be avoided. Of course, the cyber security systems set in place need to be up to standard and impenetrable.

Have you ever thought of working with someone like Rudi for the safety of your business and its clients? Let us know how you feel about ethical hackers! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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