Finding the Right Antivirus Solutions

29 Oct

If your computer has ever had a virus or been infected with malware, you will probably know the frustration and stress involved in the “cleaning” or removal process. Once a virus or malware strikes, it can become a fool’s errand trying to restore the system back to normal. And often, the only solution is to wipe the system of all of its data, programs, and information. The result is lost data, which could be pertinent to your business or of sentimental value to you.

So, what’s the solution to warding off the risk of lost data as a result of a virus or malware, and adware?

The initial reaction from many is to try and recover the data with an installed antivirus software. The problem here is that most PC installed antivirus software only uses signature-based detection methods, and in most instances, it’s useless.

New adware, malware and viruses are designed to laugh in the face of regular antivirus solutions, so what’s the next step?

The next port of call is usually a Google search for advice, which only ever results in an overload of information with various links to security and marketing companies targetting vulnerable new customers.

What to Do – Where to Find Experts to Talk To Online

If you want to get rid of the viruses, adware, or malware files plaguing your computer and devices, you need to familiarise yourself with the correct steps to take in the event of infection and know who to turn to if your device starts to act unusually.

Find out where to get up to date information on the best antivirus solutions below:

Prevention is better than cure

If you are one of the lucky ones that has never been plagued with malware, adware, or a virus – YET, you should look into online backups. Complete online backups will ensure that when your data is lost or held hostage, you have an encrypted copy to use. This means no lost data. The added convenience of online backup is that, once you have the software installed on your device; the backups will run automatically, without any effort required by you. Online backups are first and foremost, the way to go.

Malware Advice

When Malware strikes, you will want to chat with the professionals in the industry. Great places to start looking for malware advice and guidance include:

Sometimes it’s not just one thing you need help and guidance on. What if you have several security concerns or technical issues that you want to chat about and get expert and advice on? Security info experts can be found lavishing cyber-security victims with advice at:

  • Geeks to Go (specialising in browser hijackings, ransomware, keystroke logging, and Trojan viruses).
  • Microsoft answers (all technical and security issues).

Secure Online Backups – The Ultimate Solution

Don’t wait to be incapacitated by a virus before seeking an antivirus solution. Take a step in the right direction and secure your data by registering for encrypted online backups today.

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