FNB Goes Digitally Virtual with Credit Card

5 Aug

If you are interested in convenience, especially when it comes to finances, October is the month to look forward to. Apparently, that’s when FNB plans to launch its new (and much-awaited) virtual digital credit card. Sounds like quite a mouthful! In reality, the new credit card is designed to offer exceptional convenience, coupled with the type of security features considered ‘state of the art’ in South Africa.

FNB virtual credit card promises

For starters, the FNB card will be a contactless digital experience, rather than a physical card. It will exist on a user’s mobile device and can be used to carry out a variety of payments where Tap ‘n Go, Scan to Pay, and QR code payments are allowed.

Using either an Android smart device or Apple device where the merchant accepts QR code payments, you can go grocery shopping, pay your accounts, take the family out for lunch and even set it up to pay for your services such as Netflix, Spotify and iTunes.

So what, you might say – a virtual credit card is really nothing new! In fact, people have been able to get digital credit cards and use them online for quite some time now, so what’s new?

The difference is that the new virtual credit card can be used anywhere, not just online! What’s more is that the card expiry date will be extended, enabling you to use the card for a longer period without worrying about an expiry date

Impressive Security Features

The card offers the type of security that South African consumers have been all but begging for. At Soteria Cloud, one of the functions we are most impressed with is the encryption functionality and the dynamic CVV (Card Verification Value) number which changes every hour, to minimise the risk of fraud. We consistently remind you to change your passwords…now you have a credit card that’s smart enough to change its own security numbers, for your protection. That’s impressive!

Another impressive safety feature of this virtual card is that it can be blocked or cancelled with a simple click of a button from within the app.

The product will be available to customers using debit, fusion, credit, and business cards with FNB. If you’re looking for a more secure way to save and spend your money, it looks like FNB is coming up with just the solution!

If you’re looking for ways to better protect your data and money, get in touch with us at Soteria where we offer maximum offsite protection for all your data storage needs. Contact our support team at any time.

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