Goodbye Windows 7, Hello Windows 10! Upgrading your windows

20 Nov

New and interesting surveys show that IT professionals aren’t entirely ready for Windows 10 and the risks that migration poses for users. In fact, the excitement of Windows 10’s arrival has overshadowed the potential risks!

You may have heard that Windows 7 is at end-of-life and in just 15 months, it will be obsolete.

The good news is that migrating to Windows 10 will be highly beneficial for many businesses. The bad news is that it has to be done properly. Organisations must prepare their security strategy effectively, or the losses might be disastrous.

Some Have Got a Head Start

It would be wrong to say that all IT professionals are unprepared. That is not the case for at least half of the IT professionals that participated in recent surveys. Some of them stated that they had already migrated to Windows 10 and that they were using the exercise as a way to boost their security strategies and offer more secure end points to their existing users.

Those Who Haven’t

IT professionals who haven’t got a head start on the migration might be in for a nasty surprise as Windows 7 users will only receive support for their software until January 2023 if they pay an escalating fee. Companies that don’t do this and haven’t migrated by January 2020 will find themselves paying mammoth amounts for support.

Why the Migration in the First Place?

Windows 10 is all about improved Cybersecurity. Malicious content, vulnerable applications, and data breaches are all less likely when using the more secure Windows 10.

The Risk of Migration

When migrating from one system to another, there is always the risk of losing data/sensitive information. There is also a risk that during the migration process, data could fall into the wrong hands. Both of these scenarios spell inconvenience and unwanted costs for companies.

Minimise the Risk When Migrating to Windows 10

In order to minimise the risk during the process, IT departments have been advised to do complete encrypted data backups before starting the migration. If you are migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10, data backups can be done via Soteria Cloud. All data is encrypted when backed up.

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