Here’s how the Pandemic Has Changed Technology

20 Jul

The pandemic has done many things to the world – much of it negative. But out of the darkness and loss, there is some positive change. You can see this change in the software updates and features that show how the pandemic has changed technology.

One of the biggest ways the pandemic has changed the working world is the normalising of remote working. Many businesses have still managed to thrive with their employees and managers working from the comfort of their homes.

Software and programs have started changing, now offering features and functions that make it easier and safer for remote workings to collaborate and keep businesses up and running.

And it’s not just that people are remote working; it’s that we as a people are changing, which means the way we interact with technology is changing too.

tech changes since the pandemic

One of the early changes seen since the start of the pandemic is the increase in conference calling features. Zoom and Teams are just two of the programs people use to keep in touch and collaborate as a business team.

With updates planned for both Microsoft and Apple this year, great emphasis is being placed on offering more remote-working-related features.

For instance, with the Windows 11 update, Teams will be easily accessible from the taskbar – there’s no need to launch the app separately. Users can now make a call, open a chat, or start a video call with one click of a button.

Apple’s FaceTime feature will also receive updates to bring it more in line with the facilities offered on Zoom. Users will see other group users in a grid view and will be able to create links for other users to join a FaceTime conference from various devices. This is the first time Apple has “been playing catch up” with other products rather than leading the way, which is telling of the way the pandemic’s demands have changed the way we use technology.

Because of the work-from-home way of life, other changes have been seen incorporated into many of the programs we use. For instance, messaging services such as Telegram have emerged that conceal your location and phone number. This makes it easier for workers to use their personal devices to reach out to customers.

Apple is also implementing features that can be toggled to change important settings, helping workers maintain a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout.

These include:

  • Turning off Facebook notifications during the workday
  • Stopping Slack alerts after 6 pm

And in addition to this, new laptops due to be in our stores later this year are jam-packed with technology features that greatly improve security and video calling. Many of these devices have high-quality cameras, improved microphones, and sensors that allow users to lock and secure their devices whenever they’re away from them.

the pandemic has changed technology

The world is changing, and while these changes might have eventually come about, the pandemic seems to have spurred them on well ahead of time.

Has your business implemented any new technologies since the pandemic hit the global scene? We’d love to hear about it.

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