Infamous hacker in SA shuts down government website – Again!

6 Nov

Ever heard of @VirusSec on Twitter? If you haven’t, the account is owned by a notorious hacker who has once again targeted a government website to deliver a message.

What was the message? According to News24 who had direct contact from the hacker, the underlying point of the hack was to say that “the current South African government is greedy and it needs to change”.

@VirusSec made contact with News24 informing them of their decision to shut down a government website and what the point behind it was. Moments later, it was done!

Which website was targeted?

Ironically, it was that the hacker attacked. This government website is designed to protect online South African businesses and citizens. While @VirusSec is not a South African, he/she/they (no one really knows!) claimed to have knowledge of the greedy government in South Africa.

Luckily for local South Africans, the general public is not the target, and so personal and sensitive information of individuals have not been leaked.

@VirusSec’s Prior Offenses in South Africa

This is not the first time that @VirusSec has hacked a government website in South Africa. The very same hacker has also hacked the following websites:

  • Department of Environmental Affairs (August 2018).
  • The Presidency’s website (June 2018) – this hack was linked to distaste at the government’s involvement in Lion bone trade and for allowing rhino horn auctions.

Cyber Security Hub’s View

According to News24, when was contacted for comment, they intimated that the website was in working order and would only be available for comment once things had been confirmed with their hosting partner.

What do you think about the notorious hacker targeting South African government websites? Do you think that hackers have a role to play in getting the attention of the general population and the government if it doesn’t affect the security of the masses? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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