Just What is Encryption?

2 Jun

Without encryption, the online world would be a very perilous place. Encryption is a form of security that protects your personal information and data from prying eyes and unscrupulous third parties. Encryption dates back to the Ancient Greeks who used a transposition cipher process to code parchment messages, which would be easily broken today, but it was a process all the same. It is this same process of encryption that makes files or data unreadable to anyone but the person or entity with the assigned “key” or algorithm to unlock the coded files.

While this sounds simple enough, the computerised process of encryption is a great deal more complex and it has to be, especially if you want to ensure that third parties can’t easily crack the code and gain access to your sensitive information, systems or emails and online accounts. Data encryption is strongly recommended for cloud backups, financial and medical records, email and online accounts.

How Soteria Encrypts Your Data, Making it Safe and Secure

At Soteria we completely understand your desire to have your backed up data safe and secure. Our system encrypts data with 256-bit military grade encryption. We implement a local-only key, which means not even Soteria can access your data on our servers. Once this is done, you will be provided with an encryption password that is used to ensure that only authorised individuals can translate your encrypted files. You will find that in Step 3 of the “Create Backup Schedule Process” when backing up data, that you can in fact enable or disable encryption for your files. We strongly recommend that you make use of this feature.

When choosing to encrypt your backups, remember to keep your password in a safe place – without it you won’t be able to gain access to your files. As we choose to always put your security first, we do not keep a copy of encryption passwords on our system.

While data is constantly at threat, it is important that you protect your best interests by backing up sensitive information to our secure servers and taking the next step and encrypting the data. To learn more about our online backups and how to encrypt your data, check out our product features today.


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