How the Khwela app is set to assist the taxi industry

24 Apr

Many have high hopes that the new Khwela app will make using local taxis easier. Traffic is no joke for many people.

The headache and frustration of gridlocked traffic after a long day at work is enough to spur on the general population to consider alternative transport options…enter the minibus taxi! After all, it’s impossible for everyone to find opportunities to work from home and when you’re in a rush to get to work, the minibus taxi has the solution: speed and clever agility.

Unfortunately, these attributes are also life threatening and so many people have been stuck on finding an alternative way to minimise the danger caused by these taxis and improve on their efficiency at the same time.

The Khwela App Enters the Public Transport Scene

The aim of those hoping to improve on the taxi transport situation in the country is to provide a means for taxi operators and commuters to communicate better and to implement a system that monitors both taxi drivers and rank supervisors.

Enter, the Khwela app – developed as a low cost digitised solution for taxi users. This particular app has been designed to assist in the digitisation of taxi ranks and to ensure that commuters are better serviced without putting their lives at risk. The platform will facilitate taxi driver and commuter communication as well as handle alerts, inquiries and tend to emergencies promptly. The system will keep an “eye” on taxi ranks and vehicles to ensure that everyone, including the taxi driver and other road users, are safe while taxis are in such high demand.

There’s a New Focus on the Commuter

Up until recently, the taxi industry and its associations have not taken their customers’ needs and requirements all too seriously. Commuters are what keep these businesses running and as such, their safety and satisfaction should be catered to.

The Khwela app will make it possible for commuters to lodge complaints with the various associations and even make suggestions or ask questions.

App Features

The Khwela app will offer commuters the following:

  • Locate taxis that are traveling on their specific or intended route
  • Look at a detailed overview of all the routes being covered on any particular day

While the minibus taxi is not new to the South African market, the service can do with a spruce up. The Khwela app promises to do just that.

A R40 billion industry, minibus taxis handle more than 65% of commuters annually within the urban environment. Millions of locals make use of taxis on a daily basis, and it is time that their voices were heard and their safety ensured.

Here at Soteria we endorse safety and security in any form, be it personal and business data, or more importantly human life. Many of our employees use taxis to travel to and from work and if the digitisation of taxis can make the commute more efficient and safer, then we are on board.

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