LastPass Password Breach | Data breach

31 Jan

LastPass admits to August security breach of customer data

A weak password can seriously compromise your online security, but what happens when the online service that’s supposed to keep all your passwords safe in one place becomes the latest victim of cybercrime?

LastPass, an innovative tech business that prides itself on giving users peace of mind by taking care of all their passwords and letting them remember just one, found itself in a majorly embarrassing situation when its own cybersecurity was compromised last August.

If you’re a LastPass user or a web user in general, you’re probably worried about this development and how it impacts the safety of your private information. Let’s take a look at the Lastpass data breach incident in more detail and find out what your next step should be.

Cybercriminals turn a LastPass  into “lost pass”

There’s an app for everything nowadays, including keeping your password safe – or so we thought.

LastPass attracted millions of users by taking away the burden of remembering dozens of passwords and updating them every time you change them. The company’s unique selling point was its convenience and security: after all, asking users to trust you with the key to their most important online information is no small thing.

Last August, the unthinkable happened when LastPass found itself compromised in exactly the same way that it’s users were trying to avoid by using the popular online service.

According to a statement released by the company, an online security breach occurred and the following information seems to have been compromised:

  • basic customer account information
  • company names
  • end-user names
  • billing addresses
  • email addresses
  • telephone numbers
  • IP addresses

While the company insists that attackers will find it difficult to guess the passwords they were tasked with keeping safe, we would advise anyone using the service to change their passwords right away.

Secure passwords and secure backup: a powerful combo to keep hackers away

The LastPass breach is the latest in a long string of cyber security failures at large companies and tech providers. There’s a valuable lesson in this incident for all internet users.

No matter what convenient services you use, it’s essential to have an independent copy of your data backed up in the cloud with advanced encryption technology to keep it safe from cyber criminals.

Soteria Cloud’s range of backup solutions for households and businesses of all sizes is a powerful form of protection for your vulnerable personal and commercial data. We’d love you to visit our product page and select a package that suits your needs the best.

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