Latest Tech & Gadget News: 5 Hot Tech Gadgets Selling Fast in 2018

9 Oct

So you think that you’ve heard about all of the latest hot tech gadgets that are selling like hotcakes across the globe, but you might be wrong. There are so many hot gadgets that have already sold in the millions, that even we can’t keep up!

We highlighted a few of the weirdly wonderful tech and gadgets to emerge from the Consumer Electronics Show back in February of 2018 and, this latest release also caught our attention. While there are many, we have picked our favourite five novel and hot gadgets that we thought might be of interest (and even use) to you.

#1 Nightguide HD

Ever worried about just how much you can actually see when driving at night? Nightguide HD glasses are designed to enhance colour and clarity (much like an HD television) when driving at night and in rainy conditions. Avoid those pesky mishaps due to poor vision – even in the snow!

#2 EnergixCharge

This is an extremely thin charging device. It attaches to the rear of your phone and wirelessly charges your device. Now you can extend the battery life of your phone effectively and reduce wear and tear on the phone’s cables and charging ports at the same time.

#3 XY Find It

Ever wasted hours searching for your phone, your keys, your tablet, only to find them resting somewhere obscure in the house? XY Find IT uses tracking tech to find your missing devices quickly. Simply attach a small coin-sized tab to your most used possessions. If you misplace them, use the app to locate them.

#4 CrashSafe

No one is ever truly prepared for an accident, but with CrashSafe, you can be just a little bit more prepared. This tool looks like a car phone charger and has much the same multi-use, plugging into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. It can be used to cut through seat belts, smash windows, charge devices and even as a torch in case it’s dark. While CrashSafe can’t deter an accident, it can improve your chances of survival.

#5 TrustyCharge

Some have called the TrustyCharge a miracle device. It looks like any other trendy radio, but it’s so much more than that. It operates as a torch and a USB charger. The device is waterproof and solar-powered too. You never know when you might need one. Keep one in your car or take yours on holiday with you. Never worry about running out of battery power again!

Have you heard of other gadgets that you think are worthy of being mentioned? Let us know what your favourite tech or gadget buy has been this year. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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