The Many Benefits Of Backing Up Your Data Online

30 Aug

If you’re part of the modern business world, chances are that you’re making use of the internet and online services. You will also notice that internet services are more affordable and faster than ever before and this means that online backup is no longer a luxury, but an affordable and achievable must-have security solution for each and every business – big and small.

The main purpose of online backup is to provide entities with the opportunity to protect sensitive information from potential risk posed by theft, hacking, data breach and any type of technical glitch such as computer malfunction or even damage to equipment through fire or accidents.

The advantages of online data backup are many. In fact, it’s a preferred and far more viable method than making data copies to CD, USB flash drive or external hard drive. Below are some of the many benefits that we feel are important:

  • There’s no room for human error. When doing physical backups to disc, flash drive or similar, you have to remember to do so. If team members forget to do a backup and something untoward happens; all of your data can be lost. Online backup systems are designed to automate your backups. You can set your devices to do incremental backups at a certain time every day or on pre-selected dates.
  • Stored data is encrypted. Storing sensitive data to a disc will immediately put it at risk. The storage device could be stolen or misplaced and then the data stored can be accessed and viewed by anyone. Cloud backups are encrypted and stored to the cloud. This means that the data can only be viewed if the correct user name and password is used to decrypt the information.
  • Quick and easy recovery of data. Losing data on your computers and having to back up from your external hard drive, CD or flash drive means that you only have one version of the document which might be outdated. Due to the incremental updates of cloud backups, you will have access to more recent versions of documents and information stored in the cloud. If you backup with us, you’d just contact us for a File Restore.

These are just a few of the many benefits of choosing cloud backup for your business. Do you want to benefit from online backups or cloud backups? Take the time to contact us or learn more about cloud backup features here.

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