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Are you a victim of mobile malware?

Your smartphone gives you access to the world right in the palm of your hand, but if you’re not careful it could also give cybercriminals access to your private information.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud or other online crimes, it’s essential to make sure that no mobile malware is running on your android or iPhone – but how do you know if your device is infected?

Here are some tell-tale signs that your phone may have a malware infection and how to remove this dangerous software from your device.

Is your phone infected or just getting old?

A smartphone that takes longer than usual to load apps or loses battery power in a hurry could just be getting old. Then again, it could be infected with malware.

If your phone is less than two years old and suddenly seems to be running slowly, there’s a good chance that a malicious app is putting a drag on system performance.

Similarly, if you notice that your smartphone battery drains after just a few hours of moderate use and your phone is relatively new it’s likely that you’re dealing with a malware infection.

Installing a reliable antivirus app with malware scanner is the shortest way to find out whether your device has been compromised. The sooner you know, the sooner you can get rid of potentially dangerous software that gives hackers access to your personal information.

You keep seeing ads everywhere

Some apps make their revenue from ads, and if you’ve been seeing them all along there’s probably no cause for concern. However, if an app that  doesn’t usually run ads suddenly starts displaying them you may have adware running on your phone without your knowledge.

Are Android or iPhone devices more susceptible to malware?

Traditionally, the iPhone was always a safer choice when it came to viruses and mobile malware due to Apple’s enhanced digital security and the extensive checks the company does before allowing an app to register on the App Store.

However, recently, a number of apps harbouring mobile malware have managed to slip through the cracks.

iPhone users may be more protected in theory but that doesn’t mean they should be complacent when faced with the tell-tale signs of a malware infection.

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