New communication channels and cloud computing changing the way we work

1 Oct

Things have changed in the business landscape over the years, and it’s all thanks to IT development. Gone are the days when a consumer reached for a landline phone to make contact with a store or service provider. Nowadays, consumers turn to mobile phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, and even desktop computers before they give their old landline (if they still have one), a second thought.

Nowadays, consumers prefer to make contact on social media platforms or by using messenger services such as WhatsApp. And, before anyone even thinks about making a phone call to reach out, they send an SMS or an email.

Is this the end of the line for the landline? Probably! Especially when you consider that only 10% of broadband installations include the installation of a landline at the same time (current stats uncover this stat).

What IT changes are affecting the way we work and communicate?

5G will make a big impact, especially in South Africa. In all likelihood we will have to wait until 2020 for 5G,but it will be well worth the wait when voice services, data management and storage spans become so much easier, and five times faster! And what’s more, it should be reliable and affordable.

Why pay for a landline service when you can do everything on your mobile phone for a whole lot less in terms of cost?

Blockchain is also making its way in the telecoms field, and it is said that, when it makes its official debut, it will offer user conveniences such as easy number portability and number blocking.

Cloud based services are also something worth a mention as they have brought about a mammoth change in communications and business operations. It’s not only data encrypted backups that on offer, but complete business systems that operate in the Cloud. Never before have businesses been able to get quite so much done without having a single person in the office. But that’s nothing new – Cloud services have been around for quite some time now.

The change is happening now

The fact that consumers are looking for more convenient ways to communicate – in fact, they are demanding it – and the fact that technology provides everything required to provide these conveniences means that businesses are being forced to change the way they work in order to keep up.

You will have noticed the change in your own life, and there’s little doutb that it has been beneficial in some way.

The next time you make enquiries about a product on social media, realise that you too are part of the change. And, if you are gearing up towards ensuring that your business is moving with the times to be better able to communicate with, and serve, your consumers in the modern ultra-connected ways they are looking for, make sure that you are protecting the data and interests of your business at the same time. You can read a few of our safety tips here.

In need of more advice on how to protect your business in an advancing market place? Get in touch with us at Soteria Cloud today.

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