Online backups and cloud backup myths

29 Dec

If you spend any time listening to what people think they know about cloud backups and backups in general, you are likely to hear many misconceptions. The fact that you are reading this article and listening to others means that you are, in all likelihood looking for a cloud backup or storage solution.  With all the conflicting information out there, it’s hard to know where to turn or what to believe.

Common opinions and myths vary, but most include the following:

  • Backing up to the cloud takes too long.
  • Cloud backups aren’t affordable.
  • Backed up data is not safe / secure online.

At Soteria Cloud, we work with cloud storage and backup procedures on a daily basis and have in-depth knowledge of the systems and processes involved. Of course this puts us in a great position to debunk some of the myths out there. Let’s take a look at some of the most widespread misconceptions:

Misconception 1: Cloud storage and cloud backups are the same thing

Wrong! Cloud backups are when 2 files are in use. One file is stored on your computer and the other is stored on an external server, drive or similar. When one file is edited or changed, the other is kept as a backup.  If you aren’t looking to keep 2 files and only want to store the information off your device or system, that is cloud storage, as it’s not a file that you are constantly accessing.

Misconception 2: Cloud backups take forever

To a certain extent, this can be true. Your very first backup can take quite some time, as it’s the first time you are sending all of your files to the server. However, after the first backup is done, incremental backups can be automatically set which means that only the files that have been edited or changed will need to be backed up. This saves a great deal of time and doesn’t take forever!

Misconception 3: Cloud backups aren’t secure / safe

Untrue! While some cloud backup service providers might offer backup systems that aren’t secure, not all services are the same. Take the Soteria Cloud backup service that we offer for both home and business customers for example. This service includes data encryption which means that you, and only you, can actually access / translate the information that is stored in your uploaded files. We use 256 bit military grade encryption. You don’t get much more secure than that!

Misconception 4: Cloud backup is expensive

It certainly used to be in the early days of online backup when it was a costly additional security layer, unaffordable to most businesses.  Fortunately, like most successful concepts, online backup became more widespread as the costs of uploading the data dropped significantly. That said, the costs do still tot up, but compared to the loss of all your data or a data breach – these costs are almost trivial. How much you are willing to pay for cloud backups should be directly related to the value you put on your data to your business.

Misconception 5:  File sync is the same as backup

Not true! By now you might have noticed that people confuse the various forms of online backup. While some service providers might combine file sync and file backup (at an additional cost of course), they are two different features:File backup – a copy of the file is uploaded, usually to the cloud or server and can be retrieved at anytime if accidentally deleted or lost.

  • File backup – a copy of the file is uploaded, usually to the cloud or server and can be retrieved at anytime if accidentally deleted or lost.
  • File Sync – the same files can be synced between multiple users, often  overwriting the original file.

Although syncing is faster, it carries more risks of accidentally deleting a file or folder and local encryption can be complicated.

While these are just a few of the misconceptions that people have, there are many more – and we advise you to take them all under consideration!  If there is something that you have heard about cloud storage and backups that confuses or concerns you, we welcome you to get in touch with us. We will happily offer you transparent and unbiased information and advice. Get in touch with the Soteria Cloud backup team today!


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