Cloud Migration – Is it what your business needs?

9 Jul

cloud migration

Have you been concerned that your business is lagging behind because it hasn’t migrated to the Cloud yet? Well, you might have made an excellent decision for yourself in the long run. Being slow to adopt Cloud business systems might have saved you a lot of money and frustration after all. When Cloud computing first […]

Poor Password Behaviour & Choices Continue to Thwart Security

2 Jul

poor password behaviour

Be honest… how many passwords do you have? The reality is that most people have one password that they use on every device, as well as for all of their online accounts. This isn’t just a risk for your personal information…it’s also causing a massive headache for IT security professionals. For years we have heard […]

Cyber Crimes Bill – Is SA Really a Safe Haven for Cyber Criminals?

27 Jun

Cyber Crimes Bill

Cyber Crime has been of concern in South Africa for quite some time. In fact, for far too long, the country seemed to simply ignore it. There was no real recourse. In May 2019, at the IT Web Security Summit held in Johannesburg, it was noted that South Africa had become a safe haven for […]

Facial Recognition Technology – When does surveillance become an intrusion?

25 Jun

facial recognition technology

For a while, facial recognition technology seemed to provide a convenience to our lives. We arrive home to our smart security system and unlock it with ‘a look’. We pick up our smartphones and access all our features with ‘another look’. We gain access to companies, malls and secure environments with merely “a look”, yet […]

The 4 Most Damaging EMail Attachments

10 Jun

Email attachments have been blamed for viruses, malware and complete and utter computer breakdowns many times in recent years. Despite the plethora of warnings stating “do not open attachments from unknown senders” and “do not click on links in Emails”, still people, and entire corporations fall victim to the plight of an infected or malicious […]

Bridging the gap between what digital technology could and is doing for education

3 Jun

One just has to consider how advanced the rest of the world is in terms of Edtech (educational digital technology) to recognise that Africa has been lagging. International classrooms have seen students using laptops, iPads and tablets for a decade or two already. On top of that, education departments have been making use of various […]

Have you been a victim of Identity theft? Here’s what to do now.

27 May

As a follow on from our recent blog, Identity theft? Your Personal Information is Like Gold featured last month we take a closer look at Identity Theft and how to pick up the pieces when someone else has stolen your ‘life’! Consider this Part 2. Identity theft is not a new concept or crime. In […]

How Cloud Plays a Huge Role in the Always-On Economy

20 May

always on economy

Instant gratification, 24-hour service, exceptional customer care… Call it what you want, but in today’s modern economy, it is essential to be “always-on” and immediately ready and available to serve the needs of your customers. If you aren’t, you are going to miss out on a share of your market. The business technology and software […]

Modern work trend of remote workers is a threat to IT security

13 May

Are remote workers bringing your business down? Are they putting your IT security at risk? Recent surveys have proven that a large number of IT security incidents are caused by the negligent actions of remote workers. How do remote workers threaten IT security? They do this by: Using potentially malware-infected devices to connect to the […]

Securing yourself and the family against home automation hacks

6 May

Home automation

Home automation hacking is a dream come true for opportunistic criminals the world over. It’s a criminal’s lucky day when they can view CCTV footage of your home, lock and unlock your doors, deactivate the alarm, and even take a leisurely browse through your private information on your connected devices. A scary thought isn’t it! […]