Cloud Backup Success | Online backup

30 Jan

cloud backup success

How Secure Cloud Storage Makes Business Better Every Day Tech shows are a great place to make new connections and find inspiration – and when you hear success stories about your industry and product it’s even more exciting. At a trade show late last year I was sitting in on a client review and revert […]

Data Resilience |Cloud Backup

23 Jan

data resilience

How Soteria Cloud Ensures Data Resilience Data resilience is a major buzzword in the tech sector today and describes a best-practices approach to keeping important files and applications running in the face of infrastructure failure and cyberattacks. With South Africa facing one of the biggest upticks in cybercrime of any country, the ongoing challenges of […]

Cloud Backup Trends 2024 |Cloud Backup

16 Jan

cloud backup trends

Future Trends in Cloud Backup Technology Secure cloud storage is every organisation’s number one defence against cybercrime. As hackers up their game on a regular basis, cloud backup technology must respond in kind by becoming more secure and reliable. Keeping up with the race between cybercriminals and data defence systems is essential for every business, […]

Data Security | Cloud Backup

9 Jan

Data security to safeguard your information and reputation Data security is an essential part of every company’s risk management strategy, and securing your business information will nett you a lot more than a good night’s sleep:  it will also safeguard your company’s reputation in the marketplace. As we look forward to a prosperous 2024 filled […]

Fintech Trends 2024 | Cybersecurity

4 Jan

Fintech trends

Key Fintech Trends in 2024 2024 is off to an exciting start, and the fintech industry is expecting huge changes this year. From digital currencies to AI and biometric security verification, 2024 is expected to bring about some of the biggest changes in the sector in recent memory. If you or your clients are part […]

Financial Data Security | Hackers

27 Dec

Hackers Claim Massive Financial Data Compromise Millions of South Africans rely on the credit bureaus TransUnion and Experian to calculate their credit scores and give them access to financing from banks and other lenders. In a shock announcement, a Brazilian hacking group known as N4ughtySecTU declared that it had compromised the entire database of both […]

Business email compromise | Cybercrime

19 Dec

phishing & email scams

Business Email Compromise Can Cost you your business If you had to receive an email from one of your trusted suppliers right now asking you to change the bank account you use when processing their invoices, you might be tempted to make the changes as a matter of course. That’s exactly what happened to the […]

The 7 Types Of Data Security That Matter

12 Dec

data security

The 7 Types Of Data Security That Matter With the huge wave of cyberattacks sweeping South Africa today, there’s hardly a single business owner who doesn’t recognise the importance of data security. But knowing that something is necessary and knowing how to implement it are two different things. In this article, we cut through the sea […]

Common Password Mistakes | Password Security

7 Dec

common password mistakes

Common Passwords & 6 Common Mistakes People Make A secure password is the first line of defence against cybercrime, yet many of us still use passwords that the average 10-year-old could crack without blinking. If you’re still using classics like 123456 or admin, it’s time to change that password before you become the next victim […]

Chat GPT down | AI Cyberattack

28 Nov

chatGPT openAI

It Had to Happen – Open AI Cyberattack Leaves ChatGPT Down OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, has announced that it may have fallen prey to a DDOS attack in early November. The company, which clocked over 100 million users recently, announced the potential attack and its intention to investigate how it was carried out. […]