COVID-19 Tracing Apps Disguised as Ransomware

7 Jul

ransomware tracing apps

As COVID-19 tracing apps roll out across the world chances are good that one will be coming to a phone near you, soon. Whether these apps slow the rate of infections by identifying people potentially exposed to the virus, who then need to self-isolate to reduce further exposure – is still unproven, yet varying apps […]

eCommerce Becomes Social Commerce as Facebook Rolls Out Shops!

30 Jun

eCommerce trends

For a long time, dedicated business websites were for eCommerce while social media platforms were for connecting with people. And then, all of a sudden, these features merged and become one: social commerce. What is social commerce? Think about the “check out” features on Instagram, the “buyable pins” on Pinterest, and the “shop now” buttons […]

Here’s how the pros of technology outweigh the cons in the workplace

23 Jun

Technology is constantly changing and evolving and while many companies fear change, preferring rather to stick to the technology that they are familiar with, it’s undoubtedly an unproductive endeavour for the future of the business. Yes, new technology comes with its risks, but if you take the necessary security precautions it can really spur your […]

Top 5 Cybercrime Trends during the COVID-19 Era

17 Jun

cybercrime trends

When Coronavirus stole the limelight and drew the attention of literally every human on earth, it seemed the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals lying in wait to strike. And they have been striking hard ever since! What Cybercriminals Have Been Doing While You’ve Been Fixated on COVID-19 A flurry of cybercriminal activity has been going on […]

Heads Up: UIF Covid-19 Relief Scheme Website is Hit by a Data Leak

11 Jun

With identity theft and fraud on the rise, no one really wants any of their personal information “out there” in the public eye. Unfortunately, people who have made use of the government’s UIF Temporary Employer-Employee COVID-19 Relief Scheme during Covid-19 times, are now faced with the risk of having their personal details used against them. The […]

Embracing the Shift to Online Events & Webinars

2 Jun

Online events and conferencing

With more people working from home and the focus being on staying home as much as possible, many event organisers have embraced the online world to ensure that their events, conferences, and expos can still go ahead as planned. While one would think that hosting an event online instead of at a venue, which has […]

Masking Up! There’s Even an App for That!

26 May

maksing up - apps for that

Who could ever have predicted that wearing a face mask would be a sign of the times when today, it seems to be the new norm and a long-term precaution! With companies eager to get back to work they need to ensure that they meet and implement a variety of conditions and measures which include […]

Back to Basics of Backing Up: How to Choose the Right File Sync & Backup

19 May

basics of backing up

2020 saw the whole work-from-home concept flourish. It’s not that people are starting up their own businesses from home, but rather that businesses are realising the value in having home-based and remote workers. Not only does this make for a happier workforce, but it also seems to boost productivity. Of course, with the convenience of […]

Connecting the Dots – What Connects a Network?

12 May

connecting a network

With more focus these days on working from home, it has become unavoidably apparent just how necessary the internet is in our daily lives. Being able to connect to the internet is something that we all need, in our work lives as well as our private lives. This reality is made even more apparent by […]

Best Software for Remote Working Teams, Meetings and Conferences

5 May

software for remote teams

As a business owner, you already know that COVID-19 has brought on a nationwide lockdown, but it doesn’t mean that your business has to close for business entirely. Many business owners have come up with innovative ways to continue operating online, with their employees working remotely. While this is the new norm, for now, there […]