Authenticator Apps | Mobile App Security

26 Sep

authenticator apps

Secure your mobile accounts with best authenticator apps The days when you could just have one password and keep your data safe are long over. The recent surge in cybercrime means that mobile users need to have more than one type of authentication guarding their files and login details. Two factor authentication (2FA), which relies […]

Mobile Malware | Mobile Security

19 Sep

mobile malware

Are you a victim of mobile malware? Your smartphone gives you access to the world right in the palm of your hand, but if you’re not careful it could also give cybercriminals access to your private information. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud or other online crimes, it’s essential to make sure that no […]

Data Fix or Hefty Fines | Data security

12 Sep

data fix or hefty fines

Fix your security or face hefty fines like Dis-Chem: The importance of securing client data In today’s world, customer service goes beyond the traditional requirements of in-store experience and after sales service. Protecting your clients’ data is equally important – and failure to do so could land you in hot water with the authorities. Data […]

Embracing the cloud | Cloud storage solutions

5 Sep

Embracing the cloud

Hybrid workforce enhancing the need for cloud backup services The rapid development of Africa’s overall economy continues to create new business opportunities. With a GDP five times bigger than it was in the year 2000, trends like hybrid working are sparking a new wave of data creation across the continent – and the demand for […]

Laptop Security Tips | Security

29 Aug

laptop security

Keeping your laptop secure   There’s hardly a business in operation that doesn’t own numerous laptops and IOT devices. But what some business owners don’t consider is that mobile productivity devices – and laptops in particular – can be a major cybersecurity vulnerability. If you and your team use company laptops, you need to take […]

Proactive approach to cybercrime | Cybersecurity

22 Aug

take a positive approach to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: Time to take a proactive approach to Cybercrime Cybercrime is big business, costing its victims a total of $8.44 trillion worldwide in 2022 according to data from Statista. The traditional IT-driven security solutions that have been used as a defence against online crimes no longer make sense at a time when they are so easily […]

Security Breach | Hackers

15 Aug

staying ahead of hackers

Staying a step ahead of hackers Cybersecurity is an investment that no business can afford not to make. With ransomware and hacking attempts skyrocketing internationally – especially in South Africa – securing your personal and business data is as important as keeping your physical belongings safe. The law enforcement community has an old saying: to […]

Digital transformation | Back 2 basics

9 Aug

getting back to basics

Ignore the IT buzzwords and Go Back to Basics Cybersecurity is a high-tech and rapidly changing field, and that means new technical jargon and IT buzzwords coming at you at a dizzying rate. From end point protection to threat intelligence analysis, the latest CybersecuritySpeak is hard to keep up with. What’s more, experts warn that […]

Risks of data security | cloud security

3 Aug

The 4 main risks of data security in the cloud Secure cloud storage has revolutionised the way organisations store their data. From small businesses moving away from USB sticks and hard drives to embrace the cloud to huge corporations with their own data centres, the safety and reliability of storing data remotely is undeniable – […]

Snatch and Grab Scams of Sensitive Data | Hackers 

25 Jul

snatch and grab scams

Phone thieves snatching owners’ sensitive data A new wave of cybercrime is sweeping SA – and this time it’s a hybrid of physical theft and personal data hacking. Criminal gangs have been snatching smartphones and breaking into them to steal their owners’ personal information, including crucial banking details, using the very technology that’s supposed to […]