Poor Showing from Ster Kinekor as customer details leaked

12 Apr

If you want to learn a hard lesson about poor data security, all you need to do is book yourself a few movie tickets online at Ster Kinekor! Okay, things seem to have changed, but if you have made use of their old website for online bookings, now is the time to go and change […]

Is your Child’s Teddy Bear Compromising your Online Security?

11 Apr

In today’s digital age, most of us who have children are fully aware of the risks and threats posed to them online. Many go above and beyond what is deemed necessary to protect their mobile devices, and our own, from scams and hackers, while the supposedly harmless talking teddy or connected Barbie quietly store their […]

Malware on the decline while IoT and Ransomware threats are on the rise!

4 Apr

While there’s much celebration over malware being on the decline of late, ransomware and IoT threats are still very much on the increase, and unfortunately, still beneficial to the cyber-criminal. In terms of payment options, this means an increased risk of data breach and that’s bad for business. The 2017 SonicWall Annual Threat Report shows […]

21 Cyber-Criminals from SA, Nigeria and US Convicted in the USA

28 Mar

Earlier this year, and after a far-reaching take-down operation, a major network of global online scammers was finally nabbed! The 3 Nigerian men heading up the operation were extradited from South Africa and have subsequently been convicted of a variety of fraudulent scams resulting in hundreds of years of prison time. After considerable investigation, a […]

What Is Cyber-Spying and How Does it Affect Us?

21 Mar

If you have heard the term ‘cyber-spying’ bandied around you might have feigned an understanding at the time, but in reality you were probably wondering what it really means. Cyber-spying is just one of the many forms of online criminal activities. In this instance a hacker will seek access to networks and systems to recover […]

SA tech start-ups that look set to deliver in 2017

15 Mar

New start-ups, some would say, are what shape the future of a nation or community and we couldn’t agree more. You know, those favourite apps you use that bring convenience to your daily life…that new online service that makes what were once chores, quick and easy? Grassroot entrepreneurs were hard at work in 2016 gearing […]

Do you Autofill or Auto Fill? Beware of Becoming a Victim of your Personal Details

7 Mar

Are you, like most of us, guilty of taking the short cut and using autofill to complete online forms? Well perhaps it’s time to think again and go back to the good old days of automatically filling out your details field by field! Signing in and out of apps, into programs and online systems, while […]

How Cloud Computing is Improving Healthcare in Remote Populations

28 Feb

It’s no secret that technology plays a huge role in the healthcare industry. In fact, it’s helped with diagnosing and treating illnesses and diseases. One area that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves in the medical industry is just how much good cloud computing has brought about for the poorer or more remote […]

South Africa – A Primary Target of Cybercrime

21 Feb

Financial institutions seem to be a constant target of cybercrime, and yet they still tend to overlook the importance of having airtight security systems in place. This could be due to the simple fact that there is a lack of knowledge and awareness that South Africa is a leading target of cybercrime. It’s vitally important […]

Secure Yourself and your Business from Security Risks Set to Capture 2017 by Storm

14 Feb

Without a shadow of any doubt, the Internet of Things (IoT) has more than ‘connected’ us, and indisputably more than many of us ever thought possible. It has also brought a myriad of risks into our midst too. All things considered, it’s quite a scary concept that with smart home technology you can use the […]