Take good care of your IT team before they get poached

10 Jul

Technology is alive and well in South Africa’s growing economy, but sadly, qualified professionals in the field are rare. This means bad things for South Africa’s future as more and more skilled tech professionals jet off to explore greener pastures (and salaries) abroad. Tertiary facilities in South Africa are on a par with some of […]

Traffic Fine Platform Data Leak Exposes Many

3 Jul

After the 2017 Master Deeds breach exposed the details of some 60 000 local South African’s, you would think that those in control of sensitive data on such a large scale would be more careful. It seems however, that not everyone learned their lesson. If you were outraged to hear just how easy it is […]

 SA Eyes New Era with Biometrics

26 Jun

As recently as May this year, Malusi Gigaba, Minister of Home Affairs, announced that South Africa will be taking positive and determined steps forward in its mission to modernise its systems. Fingerprinting has become more integral and plays a significant role in identification in the country, but it has been a slow and often unreliable […]

What is the GDPR and how will it affect South Africans?

19 Jun

If you run a business that collects and processes information of individuals, it’s time to pay attention. The EU has already implemented the GDPR regulation and it affects you! Before you can understand how it affects you (and protects you for that matter), you might want to know what it is. GDPR GDPR stands for […]

Is South Africa going to war against hackers with enough manpower backup?

12 Jun

Online criminals still seem to be winning the war even though South Africa has implemented a number of legislative changes to combat it. Authorities have noted the increase in cyber-attacks on companies and regular citizens, but not much progress seems to have been made in setting up strategies to combat future attacks. While hackers will […]

SAPS warns of online scams

5 Jun

Recently the Newcastle SAPS thought it necessary to issue a public warning about online scams after noting an increase in the number of incidents where individuals were paying for cars online and never receiving the vehicles. While you might think this is a “no-brainer”, there are some who clearly don’t think the same way. You […]

Digital technology spurs on online business, the age of convenience

29 May

New digital technology can go two ways, either it can take off like a virus thanks to good propagation, development and planning, or it can become redundant due to over-estimation or sloppy development. Good digital technology is realised for what it is and it will, and does – change the way we do things and […]

Digital tech crime in the spotlight: Interesting tricks used by card fraud criminals

22 May

At the end of 2017 the statistics on card fraud were made available to the public and how interesting they were. A quick review of the stats provided by SABRIC (South African Banking Risk Information Centre) shows that over the course of 2017, credit card fraud increased by 1% while debit card fraud actually decreased […]

Latest Facebook data breach affects 96 000 plus South Africans

15 May

The widely publicised Cambridge Analytica data breach has shaken the world. Many South Africans would have preferred to believe that they weren’t affected, but sadly this was not the case! In fact, the SA department of Justice’s Information Regulator sent a letter to Facebook requesting details and Facebook in turn responded that 96 134 South […]

Are you up to date with the Big Tech Predictions for 2018?

8 May

According to leading digital service providers in South Africa, 2018 is set to see 4 key technologies continue to advance in virtual leaps and bounds. Tech predictions set to lead the way this year are: