Emerging Top Technologies of 2014

Today’s world enjoys a lavish helping of modern technology and with 2014 already flying by, we have seen and will see many top emerging technologies that will simply WOW users! As we see a trend for more global and South African users moving over to more advanced systems such as Cloud services (and cloud backup) and more, we realise just how quickly modern technology is changing.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies released a list of the top 10 emerging technologies at the start of 2014. Here are a few we thought you might find interesting:

  • Body-adapted wearable electronics – we see this in the Google Glass and Fitbit Wristband.
  • Nanostructured carbon composites – this is said to be able to reduce the weight of cars of up to 10%, which means less fuel and in turn less emissions!
  • Nanowire Lithium-ion Batteries – while regular lithium-ion batteries are used to power up laptops and mobile phones, Nanowire lithium-ion batteries will transform the electric vehicle market!
  • Screenless display – it is said that this will be achieved by projecting a keyboard onto a surface or even projecting images directly onto an individual’s retina. This is greatly looked forward to as people can interact with computers with advanced security and also won’t need to carry hefty hardware around with them.

With modern technological advancements of these proportions you would think the masses would fear the change into what seems like a technological new age – but we are excited about it and welcome it with open arms!

Gone are the days where individual’s had to carry around computers, hard-drives and laptops. We are moving into an era where technology will work for us – more conveniently. We even see this change filtering through with the changeover to modern cloud services and cloud backup services – such as those offered by us at Soteria – instead of hosting our data and information on our devices and storage systems. We look forward to the rest of 2014 and the various breakthroughs and advancements that it has in store for us!


Microsoft snaps up New Zealand specialist Cloud Services Company!

It goes without saying that in the IT world, cloud services and it’s various online backup benefits are making waves. Big brands such as Microsoft are also showing a trend towards Cloud Services, which was very much proven by their announcement to take over GreenButton – a high performance computing company offering cloud-based services in New Zealand. With Microsoft’s investment in such a successful cloud based specialist company, more and more business computer and network users are realising the reliability of such a system. The transaction is said to go through in May and all eyes are on Microsoft!

Of course there are no real questions as to why such a company would be snapped up. With everyone from the child in school to the most elite business executive being connected and in touch, there is every reason to believe that cloud services are required. Why? You can be on the move, in touch and saving data remotely via online cloud backup (read safely) at all times. No mess no fuss.

At Soteria we get it! Cloud backup services provide a wealth of benefits to each and every user. Consider the following:

  • Soteria Cloud servers are locally hosted which means saving data is quick and easy.
  • All support service providers are locally located which means that you won’t have to wait for assistance if you require it.
  • Military grade encryption ensures that your saved data is always safe and secure.
  • At just R2 per MB, Soteria Cloud backup packages offer the lowest possible rates in South Africa.
  • The backup system is compatible with a variety of operating systems including MacOS, Linux, Windows and Plugins for Exchange, Outlook, Oracle, MS-SQL and MySQL.
  • Conserve your bandwidth during your first backup! How? We will have a hard drive couriered to you for your very first backup!

As the world of portable connectivity and the need for safe storage grows more demanding each day, we are confident that Cloud backup services will too!

Google Glass Smartglasses go above and beyond!

While you are probably here to learn more about online backup systems and how they can help you to save data and worry less about losing it due to malfunction, theft or human error – maybe it’s time to take a break and learn what’s new in the tech world!

Of course the world was taken by storm by the Google Glass Smartglasses revolution. Everyone gasped at the idea of this product and what it would enable us to do in the early stages – now these functions are realised and even more excitement is experienced by supporters. These devices have made their mark and even sport designs from well known and sought after brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. From the average man on the street, to computer nerds, to super models and movie stars – these glasses are loved and adored!

With a multitude of apps you would think that Google had thought of it all, but with new developments and apps it has become obvious that this is just the beginning. If you plan on getting out and about with your Google Glass then you can expect to get limited joy from voice commands and the touch-sensitive pad which is said to only offer basic functionality and features. What now? Well this is where the newest and most impressive app of them all comes in! A company called On the Go Platforms in Portland is looking at helping the Google Glass to communicate much in the same way as the Kinect – in a form of sign language.

ARI (Augmented Reality Interface), which is what this sort of program is called, has absolutely no requirements for speaking, buttons or keypads and is being called the “Siri” of the Google Glass world! At the moment the development team is working on hand gesture recognition and are creating a library of gestures and settings to incorporate into this app. While this brings about a whole new meaning to “hands free”, many are excited about what they will be able to do next on their Google Glass devices.

If you haven’t encountered Google Smartglasses before – find out more here!